Aspects of Human Sexuality

  1. In terms of forming adult relationships, which of the following people is likely to have issues with trusting or depending on a partner?

    C. Robert, who displays avoidant attachment style.
  2. When summarizing research over the past two decades, which of the following BEST describes the attitudes that men and women have about the relationship between love and sex?

    B. Men and women are becoming more similar in their attitudes about the relationship between sex and love.
  3. Which of the following is the BEST example of mutual empathy?

    • B. Despite a crisis in their marraige, a couple enters into therapy
    • with the knowledge that they both care for each other and are committed
    • to the relationship.
  4. According to the text, women use language to________, while men use language to ______.

    B. Acheive intimacy; convey information.
  5. Which of the following individuals would be most likely to masturbate?

    A. A married, college educated white man.
  6. Which of the following individuals would be LEAST likely to experience oral sex?

    C. An african American, high school educated, conservative protestant.
  7. Which of the following is the BEST definition of the term homosexual?

    B. Someone who is emotionally and sexually attracted to a member of their same sex
  8. Which of the following is TRUE regarding Kinsey's research on sexual orientations.

    B. B & C are true
  9. Jason attended an all-male school for several years where he engages in sex with several schoolmates. Prior to attending boarding school, Jason had sexual and emotional relationships with women, and after he left boarding school, he resumed having relationships with women. He would be best described as:

    C. A transitory bisexual
  10. Which of the following is the BEST explanation of the "by default" theory of homosexual orientation?

    D. People will be heterosexual unless something happens to make them unattracted to the opposite sex (e. g., assualt, bad relationships, rejection).
  11. Stephanie and Brett are married and want a birth control method that has no side effects, is inexpensive, and doesnt interrupt their spontaneity during sex. although they are not really ready to have children yet, if they were to become pregnant, that would be ok with them. Based on this information, a good method of birth control for them would be:

    D. The mucus method.
  12. Research has indicated that individuals who ______ about sex are likely to use contraception ineffectively.

    B. Feel guilty
  13. Contemporary adolescents have indicated that ______ is important in their sexually intimate relationships.

    C. Emotional attachment
  14. According to the NHSLS study, ______ was the most common reason reported by women for having first intercourse, and ______was the most common reason reported by men.

    A. affection for partner; curiosity and readiness for sex
  15. Which two factors are MOST CLOSELY correlated with delay of first intercourse?

    C. Relationship with mother and religious affiliation
  16. Of the persons below, who is MOST likely to correctly and consitantly use contraception?

    A. John who has frequently talked to his mother about birth control.
  17. Which of the following statements regarding Gottman's research on predicting marital satisfaction is MOST true?

    B. Showing contempt or disgust for one's partner is one pattern that can predict eventual marital dissatisfaction or separation
  18. According to the NHSLS study, those most likely to engage in extramarital sex are:

    B. People who work jobs that take them out of town/away from home
  19. Sternberg's dimensions of love:
    • Intimacy= emotional component of love; trust, self-disclosure, warmth, sharing
    • Passion= motivational component of love; physical desire; attraction
    • Commitment = conscious decision to lve another, to maintain relationship over time.
  20. According to one study of dating couples, which of the dimensions of love are predictive of relationship stability and longevity?
    Intimacy and commitment are most predictive of relationship stability and longevity
  21. Kinds of Love: Liking----
    Intimacy only
  22. Kinds of Love: Empty love----
    Commitment only
  23. Kinds of Love: Infatuation---
    Passion only
  24. Kinds of Love: Romantic love---
  25. Kinds of Love: Fatuous love-----
    passion + commitment
  26. Kinds of love: Companionate----
    intimacy + commitment
  27. Kinds of Love: Consumate love----
    Intimacy + passion + commitment
  28. During the ______ phase of ejaculation, a man will usually experience the "point of no return."

    B. Emission
  29. The Vas deferens is:

    A A tube through which urine passes from the bladder to the outside of the body
    B. The tube that is severed in a vasectomy
    C. Located inside the penis
    D. where sperm production take place.
    B. The tube that is severed in a vasectomy
  30. In ______, semen is expelled into the bladder.

    A. Spermatogenesis
    B retrograde ejaculation
    C. Penile inhibition
    D. Seminal retraction
    B. Retrograde ejaculation.
  31. Hypoactive sexual disorder
    Lack of interest prior to and during sexual activity
  32. Sexual aversion disorder
    Extreme and irrational fear of sexual activity
  33. Female genital arrousal disorder
    Persistant inability to attain or maintain the lubrication or swelling response
  34. Dyspareunia
    Pain or discomfort during intercourse
  35. Peyronie's disease
    abnormal tissue and calcium deposits in the penis
  36. Vulvar vestibulitis syndrome
    a small area at the entrance of the vagina that causes severe pain
  37. Vaginisimus
    Involuntary spasms of the muscles of the outer third of the vagina
  38. Vulva
    The external genitals of the female, including the pubic hair, mons veneris, labia majora/minora, clitoris, and urinary and vaginal openings.
  39. Vasocongestion
    the engorgement of blood vessels in particular to body parts in response to sexual arousal.
  40. Menarche
    the initial onset of menstural periods in a young woman.
  41. Emission phase
    The first stage in male orgasm, in which the seminal fluid is gathered in the urethral bulb
  42. Expulsion phase
    The second stage of male orgasm, during which the semen is expelled from the penis by muscular contractions.
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