Neonates Chapter 6

  1. Of the following, which are indicates for CPT?
    a. Asthma
    b. Atelectasis
    c. Cystic fibrosis
    d. Prolonged bed rest
    e. Ventilator care
    A, B, C, D, and E pg. 150
  2. To ensure maximum effectiveness, PEP should be followed by what technique?
  3. Which of the following modalities to administer aerosolized medication requires the least amount of patient coordinations?
  4. Of the following, which are indications for aerosolized medication therapy?
    a. Wheezing
    b. Retractions
    c. Increased respiratory rate
    d. Increased peak expiratory flow
    e. Increasing FiO2 requirements
    A, B, C, and E
  5. One advantage to the mainstream nebulizer is that:
    It can be used horizontally
  6. Placement of a medication nebulizer in the ventilator circuit between the humidifier and the distal temperature probe may cause:
    Contamination of the ventilator circuit (p. 163)
  7. Which of the following would be considered hazards of aerosol drug therapy?
    a. Infection
    b. Medication side effects
    c. Drug reconcentration
    d. Over hydration
    e. Intraventricular hemorrhage
    A, B, C, and D
  8. What is not a disadvantage of MDI therapy?
    Not indicated in patients younger than 12 years.
  9. The greatest hazard associated with the aerosolization of ribavirin into a ventilator circuit is:
    Precipitation and accumulation of the drug on vent tubing and ETT (p. 164)
  10. While suctioning the endotracheal tube following a CPT treatment, the patient becomes bradycardic. Which of the following should the respiratory care practitioner do?
    Stop the procedure, hyperoxygenate the patient, and shorten the duration of suction with subsequent attemts (p. 165)
  11. The main indication for oxygen administration is:
    Hypoxemia (p. 171)
  12. Which of the following is true regarding gaseous oxygen?
    It supports and intensifies combustion (p. 171)
  13. The type of flowmeter often found on cylinder regulators is the:
    Bourdon gauge (p. 172)
  14. A bubble humidifier is best used with what tupe of oxygen administration device?
  15. A physician orders a pediatric patient to be on an FiO2 of 0.35. Which of the following devices would best deliver the ordered FiO2?
    Venturi mask
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