Chapter 23 Terms

  1. Panama
    • TR
    • negotiated an agreement in 1903 w Colombia to lease the needed strip of land,
    • Colombia refused, when Panama revolted, U.S. dropped anchor on the shore to
    • prevent Colombia from killing the revolt. Recognized new Panamanian government
    • and leased Panama and built a canal, later returned canal

    • *gave US a path between the seas to defend
    • itself and promote trade*
  2. Dr. William Gorgas
    • Panama Canal in abating the transmission of yellow fever and malaria by controlling the mosquitoes that carry them at a time when there was considerable skepticism and
    • opposition to such measures.
  3. Progressive Diplomacy
    stresses moralism and order and stressed presidential power

    *rested on faith in Anglo-American stock and institutions*
  4. Platt Amendment
    • attached to the Cuban constitution that gave American
    • authorities the right to intervene in Cuba if the independence or the internal
    • order of the country was threatened
  5. Roosevelt Corollary
    • added by TR to the Monroe doctrine after Cuba defaulted on
    • its debts to Europe, the doctrine claimed the night to intervene directly if
    • Latin Americans failed to keep their own financial households in order
  6. Treaty of Portsmouth
    • Roosevelt mediated within the Russo- Jap war this treaty.
    • Recognized Jap victory *1st by an Asian country over a Euro
    • Country*, ceded to Japan Port Arthur and in effect control of Korea, promised
    • to follow Open Door policyà TR got Nobel Peace Prize
    • 1906
  7. Gentlemen's Agreements
    • mutual agreement between Japan and US that Japan would restrict
    • immigration to China if the US would end Japanese segregation in schools
  8. Great White Fleet
    • TR sent 16 gleaming white fleets across the world to show the
    • world we can get anywhere
  9. Dollar Diplomacy
    • stressed private investment to promote economic stability, keep peace,
    • and tie debt-ridden nations to the US. “substituting dollars for bullets”
  10. William Jennings Bryan
    • Secretary of State the succeeded after Wilson wasn’t being
    • “fair”
  11. Twenty-One Demands
    • Japanese demands for control of China, basically trying to
    • colonize China
  12. Mexican Revolution
    • lots of dictators take over, US constantly switched sides
    • based on moral diplomacy
  13. Pancho Villa
    • peasant- born general who had broken from Carranza, together
    • with Emiliano Zapata, kept Mexican rebellion flickering. Betrays US after we
    • support him and then escapes after we order him found “dead or alive”
  14. John Pershing
    General "John Black" Pershing, chased Villa on horseback
  15. Kaiser Wilhelm II
    German Kaiser, leads Germany in WWI, to ally w Central Powers
  16. Allied Powers
    GB, France, Japan, Romania, Italy, Russia
  17. Central Powers
    Germany, Ottoman Empire, AH, Bulgaria
  18. Neutrality
    • Wilson issues declaration of Neutrality and approved a plan
    • for evacuating Americans in Belguim
  19. Lustiania
    Ship. Stuff. Yeah. “reason we went to war.” Yeah.
  20. Sussex Pledge
    Kaiser promises to end unrestricted warfare to keep America out of war
  21. 1916 Elections
    • Wilson, Charles Evans Hughes-à
    • Wilson wins. 49 to 46 Border… look in notes
  22. "Peace Without Victory"
    • Wilson
    • called for this end to the war, a cease fire without a victor, no one agreed because
    • death tolls were already too high
  23. Zimmerman Note
    • note from Germany to Mexico asking Mexico to
    • attack the US if the US entered WWI, made Wilson furious, began to shoot down
    • U-boats
  24. Trench Warfare
    new way of fighting introduced in WWI, each side dug a trench and fought themselves into a stalemate
  25. Selective Service Act
    • conscription
    • act, 1917, men between 20 and 30 were drafted to fight
  26. Houston Riots
    • summer
    • of 1917, black soldiers killed 17 whites, their whole battalion was arrested,
    • many condemned to death without time for appeals
  27. Overman Act
    • authorized
    • Wilson to create a massive bureaucracy to manage the home front
  28. War Industries Board
    coordinated production through networks of industrial and trade associations, relied on persuasion through publicity
  29. Herbert Hoover
    under Wilson was in food administration, did victory gardens and meatless and wheatless days --> president
  30. National War Labor Board
    • helps to increase wages, establish overtime pay, support
    • equal pay for women
  31. W.E.B. DuBois
    Back to Africa” movement, war on imperialism, not Black man’s war
  32. Red Summer
    the race riots all across the nation with blacks…
  33. Committee on Public Information
    • under George Creel, propaganda to boost American commitment
    • to the war
  34. Espionage, Sabotage, and Sedition Acts
    • passed in 1917 and 1918, arrested for anything seen as
    • unpatriotic or denouncing the war
  35. Industrial Workers of the World
    • militant labor union in Western states, war is a battle among
    • the capitalists, not the working man’s war, known as wobblies, threaten to
    • strike in protest
  36. Eugene V. Debs
    stupid socialist. Arrested for attacking the draft
  37. Schneck v. US
    “clear and present danger”
  38. American Expeditionary Force
    • John Pershing was in charge, put troops in this force in order to
    • preserve identity and avoid allied disagreements over allied strategies
  39. Fourteen Points
    • Wilson’s plan for war, open diplomacy, freedom of the seas,
    • LofN, Self determination
  40. Treaty of Versailles
    ends the war for all of Europe, US doesn’t sign
  41. League of Nations
  42. Henry Cabot Lodge
    • Irreconcilables, leader of those against Wilson because he didn’t take
    • any Republicans to treaty of Versailles
  43. Article X
    allowed LofN to command troops from any country
  44. Red Scare
    internal enemies, deport people, mail bombs
  45. A. Mitchell Palmer
    attorney general who deports everyone
  46. Buford
    ship immigrants deported upon
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