1. A Windows XP system has been badly infected with malware. The technician notices that the malware is making repeated attempts to broadcast over the network from activity seen on the local firewall. Which of the following Windows XP startup option would be the SAFEST way to remove the malware?
    Use the Safe Mode option
  2. A technician is sent out to a client's office to solve an issue involving a machine which has numerous Windows XP service failures upon startup. Which of the following would be the FIRST place to check for information on this?
    Event Viewer
  3. A technician is repairing a laptop with a video issue. The display of the laptop shows a very faint image of the Windows desktop, and works fine when connected to an external display. Which of the following has MOST likely failed on the unit?
  4. A technician has a laptop in for repair with a consistent video corruption issue. The issue is seen on the local display and on an external monitor. The issue happens on the BIOS setup screen as well as within Windows. Which of the following laptop components is MOST likely failing?
    Onboard video card
  5. A new processor was recently installed on a one year old motherboard, replacing the original processor. The processor is on the motherboard's supported processor list and was double checked for proper installation. However, the PC refuses to POST properly and displays no video onscreen. Which of
    the following is the MOST likely issue?
    The motherboard needs to have the most recent BIOS version installed.
  6. A desktop PC is connected to the company's LAN through a wireless 802.11g PCI card. The office does not have available wired network ports. The user reports extensive Internet slowdown and drops. After investigation, the wireless router being used is found to support the latest in WiFi technology. Which of the following wireless card types would BEST suit this scenario?
    An 802.11n WiFi card
  7. A laptop has been scheduled to have its internal wireless upgraded with an 802.11n card. Which of the following card types would the technician purchase to accomplish this?
    Mini PCI Express card
  8. Which of following can be used to verify if SMTP is accepting connections?
    TELNET -p 25
  9. Which of the following tools is used to test the network connection from a wall to the computer?
    Cable tester
  10. Which of the following tools can be used to test if voltage is being distributed out of a PSU 24-pin connection? (Select TWO).
    Power supply tester, Multimeter
  11. Which of the following tools can be used to test if a 24-pin power cable is outputting correct voltage?
  12. A user reports that their computer is unable to connect to certain web pages. An error message appears stating 'the page cannot be displayed'. Which of the following commands can be used to correct this?
    ipconfig /flushDNS
  13. A Windows 2000 machine with multiple user profiles has been responding slowly. The technician has determined that the probable cause is extreme fragmentation of the hard drive. The current user needs to get back to work as quickly as possible. Which of the following actions will help to speed up the defragmentation process?
    Delete the temp IE content folders
  14. A user has been migrated from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. The user can no longer see file extensions. Which of the following is the BEST way to address this user's concern?
    Reconfigure the default setting from Tools > Folder Options > View > Advanced Settings.
  15. A technician finished installing a processor and is going to install the heatsink next. Which of the following should the technician perform before installing the heatsink?
    Apply thermal compound
  16. A technician does not have power to a PC. Which of the following tools should the technician use to check for electricity?
  17. Which of the following secures access to a wireless access point by specifically white listing each client's physical address?
    MAC filtering
  18. A technician would like to review the .NET Framework, Services and Disk Management all at once, while working on a workstation. Which of the following user interfaces would the technician use?
  19. A customer wants an older hard drive installed in their computer and states it is an EIDE drive. Which of the following interfaces would the drive MOST likely connect to?
  20. When replacing components in a laptop, which of the following components is MOST likely in a Mini PCI slot?
    Wireless card
  21. A user reports that their onboard RJ-45 jack is damaged and will no longer function. Which of the following will provide this jack as an alternative to replacing the motherboard?
    Use an ethernet card
  22. Which of the following tools fastens an RJ-45 adapter to the end of a CAT5 UTP cable?
  23. A user's document will not print, and as a result sends the same print job several times to the printer. A technician notices that the print queue is still waiting for the first job to finish before printing successive jobs. Which of the following would BEST resolve this issue?
    Restart the print spooler service
  24. A user has a monochrome laser printer that recently has started printing dark lines on all printed pages. Replacing the toner does not resolve the issue. Which of the following could cause this issue?
    The drum is scratched
  25. A user named 'Admin' receives a new laptop with Windows Vista installed. By default, where would the user's documents be stored?
  26. Where are 64-bit programs installed by default in Windows Vista?
    C:\Program Files\
  27. A support technician wants to help a user, in a different city, navigate a new software program. Which of the following will allow the user and technician to view and control the Windows XP PC desktop simultaneously?
    Remote Assistance
  28. Which of the following is an MMC that links to other MMCs like Services, Disk Management and Event Viewer?
    Computer Managment
  29. After a reboot, an error pops up during logon stating that 'A driver or service failed to start'. Where should a technician look to view additional information about this issue?
    Event Viewer
  30. A technician wants to add a second access point to an office space. The first access point is set to channel 6. Which of the following channels should the technician use to avoid channel overlaps? (Select TWO).
    1, 11
  31. Which of the following use regular analog telephone lines to connect to the Internet? (Select TWO).
    Dial-up, DSL
  32. After cleaning a virus off of a system, the system seems to become re-infected with the same virus on every reboot. Which of the following should be done prior to removing the virus again?
    Disable system restore
  33. A user is trying to update a file on a shared drive, but an error says the file is read only. A technician checks the user's NTFS permissions and verifies that the user is set to Full Control and the file's properties do not list it as Read Only. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?
    The share permissions are incorrect
  34. Which of the following alerts a user on a Windows Vista PC that system settings are going to be changed, dims the screen and gives the user the opportunity to reject the change?
  35. A computer is unable to retain the correct time between being turned on and off. Which of the following components should be replaced?
    CMOS battery
  36. A technician is installing a new operating system onto a PC by booting off of the OS installation CD. This computer already has a bootable partition on the primary hard drive that will be deleted during the installation. The PC will not boot from the CD. Where should the technician look to troubleshoot this problem?
  37. A technician is installing an additional CD-ROM drive into a functioning computer. After installation, the CD-ROM drive powers on but then off. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?
    Insufficient power supply wattage
  38. A serial port does not appear to be working properly. Which of the following tools should be used to test the serial port functionality?
    Loopback plug
  39. To verify network continuity and hop by hop statistics, which of the following commands can be used?
  40. In Windows XP, where is the default user profile located?
    C:\Documents and Settings
  41. In Windows Vista, where is the default user profile located?
  42. A technician needs to configure software RAID1 using Windows XP. Which of the following drive statuses would allow this configuration?
  43. A technician is troubleshooting a performance problem with a PC. When looking at the Task Manager Process List, only a few processes are listed. Which of the following should be done to view all of the processes on a PC?
    Select show processes from all users
  44. When attempting to boot a PC, the POST process completes without error. The PC then displays, 'non system disk or disk error'. Which of the following would MOST likely cause the issue?
    Floppy disk in the drive
  45. A number of printers have been installed on a local PC and are functioning normally. After a few days of use, users report that they are unable to print, and cannot see any of the installed printers. When opening the Printers and Faxes control panel applet, none of the printers are shown. Which of the following can be done to resolve this issue?
    Start the print spooler
  46. During system startup, many applications are starting that are not needed. Which of the following can be used to evaluate all startup applications?
  47. A user is able to send email, but receives an error when trying to receive email. Which of the following server settings should be checked?
  48. Which of the following tools can be used to securely connect to a remote system?
  49. Which of the following features should be configured to allow external users to connect to a local server connected to a SOHO router?
    Port fowarding
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