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  1. Where and when was Canada's first medical school
    Montreal, in 1825
  2. What were the chief responsibilities of the first formal provincial public health units, established in the early 1900s
    Promoting immunization clinics,parenting education control of infectious diseases and related public health matters
  3. An amendment to which of the following pieces of legislation led to the introduction of a national unemployment insurance program
    The British North American Act
  4. What did Tommy Douglas's Hospital Insurance Act guarantee the residents of Saskatchewan
    Hospital care for residents in exchange for a modest insurance premium payment
  5. Who is responsible for adminstering health care under the Medical Care Act
    The Provincial goverment
  6. The established programs financing act resulted in an increase in health care expenditures for the provinces and territories. What steps were taken to curb the costs
    Some services were delisted
  7. Which of the following reports promoted the creation of the Canada Health Act
    The Hall Report and the report of the Parliamentary Task Force on Federal Provincial Arrangements
  8. The Canada Health Act criterion of accessibility ensures that individuals be given access to insured health care services in which of the following locations
    Anywhere in Canada
  9. Which of the following reports presented recommendations to ensure the survival of Canada's health care system while continuing to provide Canadians with a high level of health care
    The Romanow Report
  10. What is meant by medically necessary
    A clinical judgement made by a physican regarding a service.
  11. Alfaro-Lefevre four ways to change
    • Pendulum change `
    • Change by exception
    • Incremental change
    • Paradigm change
  12. Paradigm change is
    Transformational, change combines whats useful about the old ways with what's useful about the new ways and keeps us open to looking for even better ways
  13. The father of medicare is
    • Tommy Douglas - Saskatchewan Premier
    • 1947 Health Insurance Act
  14. What replaced private insurance companies with provincial health care plans ?
    The hall report 1960
  15. When did the Canadian Health Act come into force
    April, 1984
  16. The canaidain health act contains nine requirments
    • 5 program Criteria
    • 2 conditions
    • Extral billing and user charges provisions
  17. Program Criteria is HCA
    • Universality
    • Comprehensiveness
    • Accessibility
    • Portabilty
    • Public Administration
  18. Two Conditions for HCA
    • Information -Provinces must share information with the minister of health
    • Recongnition- Provices must recognize federal financial contributions
  19. Mazankowski report was
  20. Kirby report was
  21. Romanow report was
  22. First ministers meeting was
  23. First ministers Accord
  24. Kelowna Accord
  25. Health care Canadia is responsibly for federal health matters . Service provided for
    • RCMP
    • Inuit,innu, First nations , Canadians on reserves
    • Veterans
    • Refugee claimants
    • Canadian militart
    • Inmates in federal penitentiaties
  26. Primary care
    The first contact that an individual has with the health care system
  27. Primary health care
    • Essential health care made universally accessible to individuals and families in the community. Available through full participation and is provided at a cost the community can afford.
    • Water, food,
  28. Who is the head of Health Canada
    The minister of health
  29. What directorate or branch of health Canada monitors compliance with the Canada Health Act and reports noncompliance to the minister of health
    Programs Directorate
  30. The WHO recongnizes health threats such as the H1N1 virus and intializes pandemic alerts in respose to information gathered. What phase indicate a full pandemic alert
    Phase 6
  31. Who is responsible for providing supplementary benefits and services in some provinces and territories
    The provincial or territorial government
  32. Who establishes the fee schedule for ambulance services
    The provincial or territorial government
  33. administers health care within Alberta
    Alberta health services
  34. Alberta currently charges premium for health care services
    True or false
  35. What are the three largest expenditures for provincial and territorial health plans
    • Hospital
    • drugs
    • physicans
  36. The government provides percent of health care funding with percent of this money coming from the federal government
    • 75
    • 30
  37. What are the 4 main groups of health occupations within Alberta
    • Phycians
    • nurses
    • allied health professionals
    • support workers
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