Professional Baking Chapter 11

  1. Beignet Soufflé (ben yay soo flay)
    A type of fritter made with éclair paste, which puffs up greatly when fried.
  2. Cannoli
    Fried Italian pastries made in tube shapes, generally with a sweet cream or cheese filling (singular form is cannolo).
  3. Crêpe (krep)
    A very thin French pancake, often served rolled around a filling.
  4. Crêpes Suzette
    French pancakes served in a sweet sauce flavored with orange.
  5. French Doughnut
    A fried pastry made of choux paste.
  6. Fritter
    A deep-fried item made of or coated with a batter or dough.
  7. Gaufre (go fr')
    French for "waffle."
  8. Glaze
    (1) A shiny coating, such as a syrup, applied to a food. (2) To make a food shiny or glossy by coating it with a glaze or by browning it under a broiler or in a hot oven.
  9. Modified Straight Dough Method
    A mixing method similar to the straight dough method, except that the fat and sugar are mixed together first to ensure uniform distribution; used for rich doughs.
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Professional Baking Chapter 11
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