Professional Baking Chapter 12

  1. Caramelization
    The browning of sugars caused by heat.
  2. Common Meringue
    Egg whites and sugar whipped to a foam; also called French meringue.
  3. Coulis
    A sweetened fruit purée, used as a sauce.
  4. Crème Anglaise (krem awng glezz)
    A light vanilla-flavored custard sauce made of milk, sugar, and egg yolks.
  5. Crème Chantilly (krem shawn tee yee)
    Sweetened whipped cream flavored with vanilla.
  6. Crème Chiboust
    A cream filling made of pastry cream, gelatin, meringue, and flavorings.
  7. Crystallize
    To form crystals, as in the case of dissolved sugar.
  8. Dessert Syrup
    A flavored sugar syrup used to flavor and moisten cakes and other desserts.
  9. Ganache (gah nahsh)
    A rich cream made of sweet chocolate and heavy cream.
  10. Italian Meringue
    A meringue made by whipping a boiling syrup into egg whites.
  11. Pastry Cream
    A thick custard sauce containing eggs and starch.
  12. Simple Syrup
    A syrup consisting of sucrose and water in varying proportions.
  13. Swiss Meringue
    Egg whites and sugar warmed, usually over hot water, and then whipped to a foam.
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Professional Baking Chapter 12
Professional Baking Chapter 12