Tmak Latin

  1. Ambulare
    Ambulo, ambulare. To Walk
  2. Deus
    Deus, Dei, m. God
  3. Fabula
    Fabula, fabulae, f. Story
  4. Familia
    Familia, familiae, f. Household
  5. Regina
    Regina, reginae, f. Queen
  6. Poeta
    • Poeta, poetae, m. Poet
    • *Uses 1st declention*
  7. Vita
    Vita, Vitae, f. Life
  8. Non
    • non; not
    • Adverb
  9. Quo
    • Interogative Adverb: Where [to]?
    • Relative Adverb: To which place, To which
  10. Parare
    Paro, Parare; To Prepare
  11. Portare
    Porto, portare; To carry, bring
  12. Aedificare
    Aedifico, Aedificare; To build
  13. Habitare
    Habito, habitare; To live, dwell
  14. Spectare
    Specto, spectare; To look at, watch
  15. Occupare
    Occupo, occupare; To seize
  16. Navigare
    Navigo, navigare; To sail
  17. Vocare
    Voco, vocare; To call
  18. Laudare
    Laudo, laudare; To praise
  19. Narrare
    Narro, narrare; to narrate, tell
  20. Amare
    Amo, amare; To love
  21. Periculum
    Periculum, periculi, n. Danger
  22. Agricola
    • Agricola, agricolae, m. Farmer
    • *Uses 1st Declention*
  23. Provincia
    Provincia, provinciae, f. Province
  24. Villa
    Villa, villae, f. Farmhouse
  25. Puella
    Puella, puellae, f. Girl
  26. Femina
    Femina, feminae, f. Woman
  27. Patria
    Patria, patriae, f. Fatherland, Nativeland
  28. Via
    Via, viae, f. Way, Road, Street
  29. Verbum
    Verbum, verbi, n. Word
  30. Puer
    Puer, pueri, m. Boy
  31. Oppidum
    Oppidum, oppidi, n. Town
  32. Silva
    Silva, silvae, f. Woods, Forest
  33. Terra
    Terra, terrae, f. Earth, Land
  34. Legatus
    Legatus, legati, m. Legate (embassador), Envoy
  35. Filia
    • Filia, filiae, f. Daughter
    • *Vocative Dative and Ablative pl. is -abus; Filiabus*
  36. Dea
    Dea, deae, f. Goddess

    *Vocative dative and ablative pl. -abus; deabus*
  37. Ager
    Ager, agri, m. Field, Territory
  38. Nauta
    • Nauta, nautae, m. Sailor
    • *Uses 1st declention*
  39. Amicus
    Amicus, amici, m. Friend
  40. Auxilium
    Auxilium, auxili, n. Help, Aid
  41. Nuntius
    Nuntius, nunti, m. Message, Messenger, News
  42. Bellum
    Bellum, belli, n. War
  43. Liberi
    Liberi, liberorum, m. (pl.) Children
  44. Servus
    Servus, servi, m. Slave
  45. Filius
    Filius, fili, m. Son
  46. Vir
    Vir, viri, m. Man, Husband, Hero
  47. Fuga
    Fuga, fugae, f. a Flight, an Escape
  48. E, Ex
    • from, out of
    • Preposition with the Ablative
  49. De
    • from, down from; about
    • Preposition with the Ablative
  50. Ad
    • to, towards
    • Preposition with the Accusative
  51. A, Ab
    • from, away from
    • Preposition with the ablative
  52. Cum
    • With
    • Preposition with the Ablative
  53. Super
    • over, above
    • Preposition with the Accusative
  54. Contra
    • Adverb; on the other hand, on the contrary, in return
    • Prep. w/Acc.; against
  55. -ne
    • (indicates question)
    • added to the end of the first word in a sentence
  56. In
    Preposition w/ Abl. or Acc.

    • w/Acc.; into, onto
    • w/Abl.; in,on
  57. Et
    • conjunction; and
    • adv.; also, even
  58. Sum
    Sum, esse, to be
  59. Sub
    • Prep. w/Acc.; to go under, up to, to the foot of
    • Prep. w/Abl.; under, at the foot of
  60. Itaque
    • Conjunction
    • and so, therefore
  61. Male
    • Adverb
    • Badly, ill
  62. Sed
    • Conjunction
    • But
  63. Bene
    • Adverb
    • Well
  64. Ubi
    • interrogative adverb; Where [at]?, where
    • adverbal conjunction; when
  65. Unde
    • interrogative adverb: Where [from]?
    • relative adverb: from which place, from which
  66. Amicus
    Amicus, amica, amicum. adj. Friendly
  67. Ferus
    Ferus, fera, ferum. adj. Wild, savage
  68. Inimicus
    Inimicus, inimica, inimicum. adj. Unfriendly, Hostile
  69. Magnus
    Magnus, magna, magnum. adj. Great, large
  70. Malus
    Malus, mala, malum. adj. Bad, evil, wicked
  71. Insula
    Insula, insulae f. Island
  72. Lingua
    Lingua, linguae f. Tongue, Language
  73. Umbra
    Umbra, umbrae f. Shadow, Shade, Ghost
  74. Parvus, a, um
    Little, Small
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