Capstone Final Review

  1. You act impulsively, them wonder why. Freud would tell you that your behavior was influenced by your...
    Unconscious Mind
  2. The introduction of observations of behavior and the use of animals into psychological research was orginally done by...
  3. Educational psychologists differ from school psychologists in that educational psychologists are more likely to...
    engage in research
  4. Gestalt psychology focused on...
    the perception of the whole
  5. The psychoanalytic approach has been widely criticized because...
    its assertions connot be tested in the labratory
  6. You ar einterested in studying what makes people feel fulfilled and happy. You would most likely specialize in what psychological field?
    Positive Psychology
  7. The "root" of psychology that used logical processes to reach conclusions was?
  8. "An empirical, objective science of behavior that has no need for theories of mind or personal freedom" characterizes...
  9. Today psychologists are interested in studying...
    both behavior and mental processes
  10. What approach to psychology could explain why some individuals interpret "IX" as the litters "I" and "X" and other individuals interpret it as the number 9?
    Gestalt psychology
  11. Humanistic psychologists view people as being controlled by events in their environment? Ture or False?
  12. The approach to psychology that emphasized the practical nature of the mind and believed that processes such as consciousness helped poeple adapt was...
  13. Internal mental processes are of interest to what kind of psychologists?
  14. If you take a sip of a soft drink and concentrate on what you are experiencing (cold, bubbly, sweet, etc.) you would be utilizing the technique of?
  15. The goal of psychology that is sometimes perceived as controversial is controlling what?
    controlling behavior
  16. You want to study the effects of the presence of red-filtered background lighting on resting heart rate. Originally, you might choose to perform the study with animals rather than humans because...
    animals studies allow you to have more control
  17. An approach to psychology that attempted to break down experience into its basic elements was...
  18. You see an article titled "The Effects of Peer Pressure on Alcohol Consumtion by Teenagers." The psychologist who conducted the research is most like what kind of psychologist?
  19. The roots of modern psychology may be traced to...
    philosophy and physiology
  20. Is this individual incorrectly paired with an approach to psychology? Watson--Gestalt psychology?
  21. A number of techniques such as obervation, questionnaires, interviews, and experimentation may be utilized by a researcher using what method?
  22. children assigned arbitrary labels of normal, emotionally disturbed, or intellectually impaired were rated by their teachers, These ratings were clearly influenced by the labels applied to each child. This problem is called...
    observer bias
  23. Which of the following pairs of variables would you expect to show the highest positive correlation?
    The age of a child/his or her height
  24. The msot controversial of the ethical guidelines for conducting research with humans concerns...
  25. Survey research includes both...
    questionnaires and interviews
  26. If a reseracher is interested in the relationship between birth order and populairty, this researcher would most likely use what method?
  27. A high correlations (either positive or negative) indicates that...
    There was a high level of consistency in the relationship between the two variables.
  28. If a researcher is interested in an in-depth study concerning the long-term consequences physical disabilities have on psychological adjustment, this researcher would most likely use what method?
  29. In addition to your test score, your professor will give you only one piece of information concerning your test performance relative to that of your classmates. What of the following statistics would give you the most useful information?
  30. In the following distribution of scores--1,4,4,5,6,8,8,8,10--the median score is?
  31. A researcher is interested in the effects of vitamine W on physical endurance. The control group woud...
    not receive vitamin W
  32. A distribution of scores in which most scores fall relatively close to the mean of the score would have...
    there is not enough info given
  33. Because results of a study may vary considerably depending on the exact experimental conditions and research method used, _______studies serve an important purpose.
  34. Inferential statistics allow the researcher to...
    determine if differences between groups of subjects are due to experimental manipulation or to chance.
  35. Which of the following is not a limitation of the case-study method?
    The research project may last for months or even years.
  36. Secretly observing people in a fast-food restaraunt and noting each tmie someone bites into a hamburger is an example of what method?
    naturalistic obervation.
  37. The most important question to ask when evaluating a survey study is...
    was there bias in the selection of subjects?
  38. Normally, which scientific method of research is used to learn about people's opinions, attitudes, and values?
  39. If correctly used, the observational method frequently results in the researcher...
    developing hypotheses to be examined more completely through the use of other research methods.
  40. The distance between extreme measures of scores is referred to as the...
  41. Taking a drug to maintain adequate levels in order to aviod withdrawl symptoms is referred to as...
    physiological dependence
  42. The reticular formation pays a role in..
    controlling levels of arousal and alertness
  43. The two major divisions of the peripheral nervous system are the_______nervous system.
    somatic and autonomic
  44. Which of the following has an effect on the body similar to morphine?
  45. If a person has an auto accident and suffered brain damage, and afterward had awkward, jerky and uncoordinated movements, the damaged part of that person's brain would most likely be the...
  46. Two factors that relate to the perveived intensity of a stimuli are how many neurons are firing action potentials and...
    the reate at chich these neurons are firing
  47. Sensory imput from the eyes is relayed to the visual cortex by the...
  48. Individuals with damage to_______have difficulty articulating speech, while individuals with damage to________have difficulty comprehending speech.
    Broca's area/Wernicke's area
  49. Which of the following follows the all-or-none law?
    ? potentials...
  50. The three major types of psychoactive drugs are...
    depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens
  51. If an animal's amygdala is electrically stimulated, that animal would...
    go into a blind rage
  52. If you hit your thumb with a hammer, which nervous system sends the pain message to your brain?
    somatic nervous system
  53. Which of the following is not controlled by the autonomic nervous system?
    the major skeletal muscles
  54. The thyroid gland secretes thyroxine, which...
    regulates metabolism
  55. As a neuron is revieving an excitatory impulse from another neuron the cell membrance becomes...
  56. The effects of cocaine are similar to the effects of...
  57. Which is the last part of the neuron to be involved in the transmission of a neural impulse toward the next neuron?
    terminal buttons
  58. If a split-brain operated patient sees "airplane" briefly while focusing on the "x", the patient would say that he/she saw the word...
  59. The brain structure that most directly influences the endocrine system is the...
  60. Our normal state(somewhere between extreme excitement and complete relaxation) is maintained by...
    a balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
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