Professional Baking Chapter 15

  1. French Pastry
    Any of a variety of small fancy cakes and other pastries, usually in single-portion sizes.
  2. Gâteau St-Honoré
    A pastry consisting of a base made of short pastry and pâte à choux and a cream filling, usually crème chiboust or crème diplomat.
  3. Linzertorte
    A tart made of raspberry jam and a short dough containing nuts and spices.
  4. Millefeuille (mee foy)
    French term for napoleon; literally, "thousand leaves." Also used for various layered desserts.
  5. Peasant Tart
    A baked tart with a custard filling containing prunes.
  6. Pithiviers (pee tee vyay)
    A cake made of puff pastry filled with almond cream.
  7. Sfogliatelle (sfo lee ah tell eh)
    A Southern Italian flaky turnover pastry with a sweet cheese filling.
  8. Tart
    A flat, baked item consisting of a pastry and a sweet or savory topping or filling; similar to a pie but usually thinner.
  9. Tarte Tatin
    An upside-down apple tart.
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