Professional Baking Chapter 16

  1. Air Cell
    A tiny bubble of air, created by creaming or foaming, that assists in leavening a dough or batter.
  2. Angel Food Method
    A cake-mixing method involving folding a mixture of flour and sugar into a meringue.
  3. Baumkuchen (bowm koo khen)
    A cake made by adding one thin layer of batter at a time to a pan and browning lightly under a broiler after each addition, repeating until the cake is the desired thickness.
  4. Chiffon Method
    A cake-mixing method involving the folding of whipped egg whites into a batter made of flour, egg yolks, and oil.
  5. Creaming Method
    A mixing method that begins with the blending of fat and sugar; used for cakes, cookies, and similar items.
  6. Egg-Foam Cake
    A cake leavened primarily by whipped eggs; it usually has a low percentage of fat.
  7. Emulsion
    A uniform mixture of two or more unmixable substances.
  8. Flour-Batter Method
    A cake-mixing method in which the flour is first mixed with the fat.
  9. Fruit Cake
    A loaf cake containing a high percentage of dried and candied fruits and, usually, nuts.
  10. Genoise
    A sponge cake made by whipping whole eggs with sugar and folding in flour and, sometimes, melted butter.
  11. High-Fat Cake
    A cake with a high percentage of fat; distinguished from a sponge or egg-foam cake.
  12. Hot Milk and Butter Sponge
    A sponge cake batter in which a mixture of warm milk and melted butter is mixed into the batter.
  13. Pound Cake
    (1) A cake made of equal weights of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. (2) Any cake resembling this.
  14. Ribbon Sponge
    A thin sponge cake layer with a decorative design made of stencil paste.
  15. Sponge Method
    A cake-mixing method based on whipped eggs and sugar.
  16. Sponge Roll (Swiss Roll)
    A thin sponge cake layer spread with a filling and rolled up.
  17. Two-Stage Method
    A cake-mixing method, beginning with the blending of flour and high-ratio shortening, followed by the addition of liquids. Also called the high-ratio method.
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