1. What tools are used for thermal styling?
    • Blow Dryers
    • Thermal Irons
    • Thermal Combs
    • Thermal Brushes
    • Pressing Combs
    • Fingers
  2. The technique of drying and/or styling hair by a hand held dryer while simultaneously using your fingers, a variety of brushes, pressing comb(s) and/or thermal curling iron is what?
    Thermal Styling
  3. Why is it important to make sure the hair cools completely before stretching or combing it?
    the bonds are reformed in a new shape as the hair cools.
  4. What could happen if the hair is stretched when still warm?
    the new shape can be compromised.
  5. How is the temperature of thermal tools tested if they are stove-heated?
    on a white piece of paper towel or neckstrip.
  6. The process of drying hair while simutaneously styling the hair, also known as blow drying is called?
    Air Forming
  7. Which attachment directs airflow and allows you to control where the heat goes?
    Concentrator Nozzle
  8. Which attachment spreads gentle airflow over a larger area, good for curly hairstyling/scrunching?
    Diffuser Nozzle
  9. What is the proper way to hold a blow dryer?
    loop the electric cord over the wrist when holding the dryer.
  10. What distance should the blow dryer be from the hair?
    3-5'' away from the hair
  11. How much water should be removed before styling hair?
  12. In what direction should the hair be styled and dried?
    style and dry in the same direction as the cuticle scales (downward)
  13. What is a form of finger styling that involves squeezing the hair to introduce texture patterns that exist in the hair?
  14. What is the process that temporarily straightens curly/highly textured hair by applying heat and tension and is only used on completely dry hair?
    Hair Pressing
  15. What term is used for temporarily adding a curl texture to the hair with a heat?
    Thermal Curling
  16. Who first introduced thermal irons and in what year?
    Marcel Grateau: 1875
  17. How does an electric curling iron maintain a constant temperature?
    contains a heating element controlled by a thermostat.
  18. What thermal tool smooths and straightens the hair but can also be used to curl the hair?
    Straightener/Flat Iron
  19. What thermal tool creates an angular texture referred to as a "crimp".
    Crimping Iron
  20. What thermal tool creates a "S" pattern or wave pattern?
    Undulating Iron
  21. In formal styling, how is the form created?
    through placement of volume.
  22. Which braid is also known as a french braid or invisible braid, each of the three strands cross over the center strand?
  23. Which braid is also known as a visible braid or cornrow, each of the three strands cross under the center strand?
  24. Which style is typically worn with all the hair incorporated into a vertical roll and known to be a classic formal style?
    French Twist
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