Professional Baking Chapter 17

  1. Boiled Icing
    Italian meringue used as a cake icing.
  2. Boston Cream Pie
    A sponge cake or other yellow cake filled with pastry cream and topped with chocolate fondant or confectioners' sugar.
  3. Buttercream
    An icing made of butter and/or shortening blended with confectioners' sugar or sugar syrup and, sometimes, other ingredients.
  4. Flat Icing
    A simple icing made of confectioners' sugar and water, usually used for Danish pastries and sweet rolls.
  5. Fondant
    A type of icing made of boiled sugar syrup that is agitated so that it crystallizes into a mass of extremely small white crystals.
  6. French Pastry
    Any of a variety of small fancy cakes and other pastries, usually in single-portion sizes.
  7. Gâteau (gah toe)
    French word for "cake."
  8. Glaze
    (1) A shiny coating, such as a syrup, applied to a food. (2) To make a food shiny or glossy by coating it with a glaze or by browning it under a broiler or in a hot oven.
  9. Icing Comb
    A plastic triangle with toothed or serrated edges; used for texturing icings.
  10. Marble
    To partly mix two colors of cake batter or icing so that the colors are in decorative swirls.
  11. Marshmallow Icing
    Boiled icing with the addition of gelatin.
  12. Piping Jelly
    A transparent, sweet jelly used for decorating cakes.
  13. Royal Icing
    A form of icing made of confectioners' sugar and egg whites; used for decorating.
  14. Turntable
    A pedestal with a flat, rotating top, used for holding cakes while they are being decorated.
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