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  1. Courvoisier's Sign
    palpable gallbladder that compresses duodenum and creates a "C" shape on CT scan
  2. Trousseau's Syndrome
    Migratory Thrombophlebitis-redness, tenderness on palpation of extremitis
  3. Triple Therapy of H Pylori
    Metronidazole, Amoxicillin, Bismuth (can add PPI)
  4. Charcot's Triad of Cholangitis:
    • Jaundice (obstructuve-conj bili)
    • Fever
    • RUQ pain-colicky pain
  5. Murphy's Sign
    Inspiratory Arrest on deep palpation into liver under the rib cage
  6. Pain for pancreatitis & pancreatic adenoCA
    epigastric radiates to the BACK
  7. Pain for cholelithiasis
    epigastric after a meal and then radiates to SHOULDER
  8. Appendicitis pain
    starts diffusely-periumbilical, and then localizes to RLQ
  9. Rotor's Syndrom
    milder Dubin-Johnson
  10. Dubin-Johnson problem
    can't excrete conjugated bilirubin with MRP2, black liver, cola colored urine
  11. Gilbert
    stress induced, can't uptake unconj. bili (OATP)
  12. Crigler-Najjar problem
    • can't conjugate unconj. bili, no UDP glucoronidation (UGT), kernicterus
    • Tx: phototherapy (makes conj bili which is water soluble)
  13. Reye's Syndrome
    • childhood Aspirin Acetominophen hepatoencephalopathy, fatty liver (microvesicular), mitochondrial abnormalities, influenza B
    • Tx: salicylate
  14. Micronodular Cirrhosis
    • Alcohol, hemochromatosis, Wilson's dz
    • (metabolic insult)
  15. Microvesicular Fatty Change
    cholestasis, pregnancy, Reyes Syndrome, drugs
  16. Macronodular Cirrhosis
    • viral hepatitis, drug-induced hepatitis
    • (liver injury-->necrosis)
  17. Macrovesicular Fatty Change
    Alcohol, obesity, some drugs, DM
  18. Viral Hep aminotransferase labs
  19. Alcoholic Hep Aminotransferase labs
  20. what does APC do to B-catenin in FAP Colorectal CA?
    APC allows more B-catenin expression=gene expression of growth promoting factors
  21. Budd-Chiari Syndrome
    • congestion of IVC or hepatic veins=congestive liver disease
    • assoc. with: polycythemia vera, pregnancy, HCC
  22. Nutmeg Liver
    backup of blood into the liver caused by Right HF and Budd-Chiari sybnd. Liver is mottled looking. can cause cardiac cirrhosis
  23. signs of portal HTN & cirrhosis
    esophageal varices, splenomegaly, caput medusae, hemorrhoids, scleral icterus, Fetor Hepaticus, Spider angiomata, palmar erythema, gynecomastia, jaundice, testicular atrophy, "flap" asterixis, bleeding tendency (dec. PPT), anermia, ankle edema
  24. 3 uses of Misoprostol
    • 1) PGE analog for protection of mucus in NSAID-induced PUD
    • 2) abortion
    • 3) maintenance of Patent Ductus Arteriosus
  25. pneumonic for type of salivary cells in main salivary glands
    "serous on the sides (parotids) and mucinous in the middle (sublingual)"
  26. WBC differential: Order of highest volume to lowest
    • "Neutrophils Like Making Everything Better"
    • Neutrophils
    • lymphocytes
    • monocytes
    • eosinophils
    • basophils
  27. Corrected Rectic count:
    =(actual Hct/45)% x (reticulocyte count) %
  28. Cromolyn Sodium treats what and how?
    treats asthma-prevents mast cell degranulation
  29. Type I Hypersensitivity: which cells
    Mast cells and Eosinophils
  30. type IV/Type III
    Immune complexes/ Ag-Ab
  31. Eosinophils fight:
    • "NAACP"
    • Neoplasm, Asthma, Allergy, Collagen Vascular Dzs, Parasites (helminth, protozoa)
  32. Platelet granule types
    • 1) alpha granules: vWF, fibrinogen
    • 2) dense granules: ADP, calcium
  33. "Dense Core Bodies"
    identify/define/describe pathologic condition
    • Carcinoid tumor, neuroendocrine tumor-->5HT
    • if outside the GI tract=carcinoid syndrome:wheezing, Rt Heart murmurs, diarrhea, flushing
  34. Curschmann's Spirals in sputum
    diff lung dzs-asthma for example
  35. Charcot-Leyden crystals
    Allergic reactions in lungs (eosinophils seens too) or parasitic pneumonia or ascariasis
  36. Reid Index
    hypertrophy, hyperplasia of mucus glands, chronic bronchitis
  37. Rales
    pneumonia, atelectasis, pulmonary fibrosis, acute bronchitis, or bronchiectasis. Pulmonary edema secondary to left-sided congestive heart failure
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