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  1. GER
    gastroesophageal reflux
  2. GERD
    gastroesophageal reflux disease
  3. LES
    lower esophageal sphincter
  4. IBW
    ideal body weight
  5. Hx
  6. PHx
    past history
  7. FH
    family history
  8. meds
  9. Pt. Ed.
    patient education
  10. S&S
    signs and symptoms
  11. Tx
  12. Sgx
  13. WNL
    within normal limits
  14. dysphagia
    a problem with chewing and or swallowing
  15. aspiration
    the passage of substances beneath the vocal cords into the pharynx and trachea
  16. reflux aspiration
    aspiration of the stomach content into the lungs following a gastroesophageal reflux
  17. aspiration pnuemonia
    an inflammation of the lungs due to the enterance of foreign matter, such as food particles, into the respiratory passage
  18. mucosa
    a mucous membrane covering tubular body structures and formed by superpsed layers of epithelium, lamina propria, and smooth muscle
  19. mucus
    the clear, thick, and sticky secretion of mucous membranes.
  20. which endocrine hormone released by the stomach stimulates hydrochloric acid secretion?
  21. Define GERD
    a condition characterized by abnormal, recurrent reflux of gastric acid into the esophagus causing symptoms and esophageal damage
  22. define reflux esophagitis
    an inflammation of the esophagus due to the gastroesophageal reflux, which causes increased epithelial cell turnover
  23. odynophagia
    pain when swallowing
  24. eructation
    • "belching"
    • -the passage of gas or a small amount of refluxed acidic gastric material through the mouth
  25. stricture
    the narrowing or stenosis of a hollow structure or tube
  26. ulcer
    damage to mucosa or skin surface, due to superficial loss of tissue and possibly accompanied by inflammation
  27. metaplasia
    characterized by abnormal transformation of differentiated tissue of one type into differentiated tissue of another type
  28. dysplasia
    the growth of abnormal tissue
  29. endoscopy
    an examination of the interior of a hollow organ using an instrument like the endoscope
  30. adenocarcinoma
    an epithelial cell cancer
  31. Signs and symptoms of GERD
    • -heartburn, epigastric pain, burning sensation
    • -belching/eructation
    • -regurgitation
    • -esophagitis
    • -odynophagia, dysphagia
    • -increased salivation
    • -pain possibly radiating to the jaw, neck, and back
  32. GERD complications
    • -bleeding
    • -severe dysphagia
    • -ulceration and stricture of the distal esophagus
    • -Barrett's esophagus
    • -perforated peptic ulcer
    • -aspiration pneumonia
    • -weight loss
    • -obstruction of the esophagus
    • -anemia
    • -malnutrition
    • -appearance of cancer cells
    • -esophagitis leading to odynophagia and hemorrhage
    • -electrolyte imbalances and dehydration due to vomiting
  33. list some etiologic factors and conditions that can lead to the development of GERD
    • - excess gastric acid secretion : zollinger-ellison syndrome
    • - increased hormone secretion: gastrin, progesterone, estrogen
    • -binge eating
    • -high caffeine intake
    • -morphine
    • -dopamine
    • - bulemia nervosa
    • -heart disease
    • -hiatial hernia
    • -high fat diet
    • -alcohol consumption
    • -cigarette smoke
    • -large meals
  34. describe the dietary and lifestyle recommendations for patients with GERD
    • -avoid high fat foods
    • -avoid lying down right after eating
    • - avoid chocolate, mint, caffeine, alcohol, carbonated beverages
    • -eating smaller meals
    • -avoid smoking
    • -no tight clothes
  35. What dietary sources of vitamin C are recommended for a patient with GERD
    - potatoes, green vegetables, strawberries, melons, green and red peppers
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