Wordly Wise Lesson 12 Book 4

  1. ability
    n. Power or knowledge; skill
  2. amiable
    adj. Friendly; good natured and pleasant
  3. bliss
    n. complete joy or happiness
  4. caress
    v. To touch in a tender or loving way
  5. clutch
    v. To grasp or hold tightly to.
  6. coax
    v. To persuade or urge in a gentle way
  7. furious
    adj. very, very angry. Very fast, strong, or wild.
  8. gesture
    n. A movement of the arm or hand.
  9. mope
    v. To be sad and gloomy; to lose interest in the things that usually bring pleasure.
  10. prefer
    v. To like better; to choose first.
  11. recover
    v. To get back to a normal state; to get well again. To get back what was stolen or lost.
  12. replace
    v. To take the place of. To put back in place
  13. request
    v. To ask for.
  14. separate
    v. To set or keep apart
  15. shun
    v. To take special pains to avoid; to keep away from.
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Wordly Wise Lesson 12 Book 4
Wordly Wise Lesson 12 Book 4