1. laconic
    disposed to using few words
  2. succint
    spoken or wirtten in a clear and precise manner
  3. brusque
    rudely abrupt
  4. conspire
    to plan together secretly to commit an illegal act
  5. concord
    a state of harmony
  6. congenital
    existing at brith
  7. incisive
    having or indicating keen insight
  8. judicious
    showing sound judgment
  9. adjudicate
    to hear and judge a case
  10. astute
    shrewd; keen
  11. perjure
    to lie under oath
  12. prudent
    using good judgement
  13. jurisprudence
    the science or philosophy of law
  14. jurisdiction
    the sphere of authority or control
  15. adjure
    to command solemnly, as under oath
  16. adjudge
    to determine based upon law
  17. acumen
    keenness of judgment
  18. inscrutable
    beyond comprehension or examination
  19. allegation
    a formal accusation
  20. eloquent
    well spoken
  21. circumlocution
    evasive speech; talking around the subject
  22. colloquial
    conversational; using everyday language
  23. grandiloquent
    speaking in a pompous manner
  24. elocution
    expressive delivery of public speech
  25. garrulous
  26. pontificate
    to speak pompously
  27. verbose
  28. tout
    to promote or praise energetically
  29. discursive
    straying from the topic
  30. benefactor
    one who supports or helps another
  31. benediction
    an expresssion of good wishes
  32. euphemism
    the substitution of an inoffensive term for an offensive one
  33. ingratiate
    to put oneself in good favor with another
  34. beneficiary
    one who receives benefits
  35. gratuity
    a small payment in gratitude
  36. gratis
    free of charge
  37. gratify
    to please
  38. euphonious
    sweet sounding
  39. rupture
    to break open
  40. transmute
    to transform
  41. mercurial
    erratuc; subject to wild changes in character
  42. protean
    capable of assuming different forms
  43. banal
    ordinary; trivial
  44. dormant
    inactive; sleeping
  45. unanimous
    in full agreement
  46. equanimity
    the quality of being even-tempered
  47. magnanimous
    noble of heart; generous; forgiving
  48. sanguine
    cheerfully optimistic
  49. phlegmatic
  50. choleric
    easily angered
  51. recalcitrant
    stubbornly resistant to authority
  52. splenetic
    irritable; easily angered
  53. querulous
    disposed to complaining
  54. dolorous
    marker by or expressive of sorrow or pain
  55. animosity
    hostility; ill-will
  56. pusillanimous
  57. lassitude
    feeling of weakness or listlessness
  58. spurious
    fake; counterfeit
  59. guile
    trickery; deceit
  60. beguile
    to deceive with charm
  61. strategem
    a deceitful scheme
  62. surreptitious
    deceptive; sneaky
  63. duplicity
    deceit; hypocritical deception
  64. specious
    false, but plausible
  65. furtive
    secretive; sneaky
  66. fallacious
    deceptive; false
  67. rapacious
    greedy; ravenous
  68. transient
    fleeting; short-lived
  69. sporadic
    irregular or unpredictable; infrequent
  70. extemporaneous
    done with little or no practice
  71. transitory
    lasting for a short time
  72. influx
    a flowing in
  73. superfluous
    beyond what is necessary or sufficient
  74. contemporaneous
    existing or occurring at about the same time
  75. interminable
    never ending
  76. protracted
    prolonged; extended in time
  77. censure
    official condemnation; harsh criticism
  78. calumny
    slander; false accusation
  79. diatribe
    malicious criticism or abuse
  80. caustic
    corrosive; sarcastic
  81. repudiate
    to cast off publicly
  82. derogatory
    disparaging; belittling
  83. admonish
    to reprimand mildly
  84. disparage
    to belittle; to demean
  85. impugn
    to attack as untrue; to refute by argument
  86. malediction
    • a curse
    • denigrate
    • to attack the character of; to disparage
  87. harangue
    a long, critical, and pompous speech
  88. pejorative
    tending to make worse
  89. sanctimonious
    falsely pious or self-righteous
  90. sacrosanct
    profoundly sacred
  91. sanctuary
    a place of refuge; as sacred place
  92. sacrilegious
    grossly irreverent; disrespectful of something sacred
  93. revere
    to regard with honor and devotion
  94. pious
    showing religious reverence
  95. deference
    respect for the wishes of others
  96. sacrament
    a formal religious act or oath
  97. venerable
    worthy of respect
  98. venerate
    to regard with reverence or respect
  99. consecrate
    to declare to be holy
  100. lionize
    to treat as a celebrity
  101. formidable
    awesome; hard to overcome; dreadful
  102. potent
    strong and effective
  103. bulwark
    a strong defense
  104. redoubtable
    arousing fear; formidable; awesome
  105. robust
    full of vigor
  106. impervious
    incapable of being penetrated or affected
  107. efficacious
    capable of producing a desired effect
  108. stalwart
    physically or morally strong person; strong supporter
  109. impotent
    lacking strength or power
  110. predominant
    most important
  111. impregnable
    unable to be entered by force
  112. brawn
    muscular strength
  113. bastion
    stronghold, fortress
  114. coalesce
    to blend or fuse together
  115. anthology
    a collection of works
  116. convoke
    to call together
  117. eclectic
    made up of parts from many different sources
  118. yoke
    to join different things
  119. amalgam
    a combination of different substances
  120. amass
    to gather; to pile up
  121. invoke
    to call on for help or inspiration
  122. compatible
    capable of living together harmoniously
  123. predilection
    disposition in favor of something
  124. contempt
    scorn; disrespect
  125. supercilious
    full of haughty arrogance
  126. anomaly
    unusual event
  127. incongruous
    inappropriate; not in keeping with a pattern
  128. fetter
    to tie up; to chain
  129. notorious
    famous for bad things
  130. decry
    to speak out against
  131. heinous
    cruel; shockingly evil
  132. revile
    to denounce abusively
  133. atrophy
    to weaken from disuse
  134. abate
    to subside; o decrease in intensity
  135. porous filled with many holes
  136. lassitude
    a feeling of weakness
  137. undermine
    to weaken or diminish something
  138. obsequious
    overly submissive
  139. attrition
    a wearing away or strength or morale
  140. enervate
    to weaken someone’s vitality
  141. ebb
    to decrease or decline slowly
  142. compliant
  143. debilitate
    to sap the strength of
  144. inert
    sluggish; inactive
  145. listless
    sluggish; without energy
  146. quiescent
    resting; quiet
  147. static
  148. moratorium
  149. stagnate
    to become inactive; to become stale
  150. torpor
    lethargy; apathy
  151. respite
    rest; time of relief; pause
  152. torpid
    hibernating; dormant
  153. belligerent
    warlike; quarrelsome
  154. irascible
    easily angered
  155. volatile
    explosive; tending to evaporate quickly
  156. rebuttal
    refutation; opposing response to an argument
  157. refute
    to disprove; to rebut forcefully
  158. incite
    to urge into action
  159. pugnacious
    quarrelsome’ warlike
  160. bellicose
    warlike in manner
  161. assail
    to attack or assault
  162. tumultuous
    violently agitated
  163. instigate
    to goad; to urge on
  164. propensity
    a natural inclination
  165. acrimony
    bitterness of feeling; harsh words
  166. appalling
    shocking; causing dismay
  167. cacophony
    discord; harsh sounds
  168. abysmal
    extremely bad; wretched
  169. acrid
    harsh smelling or tasting
  170. blatant
    very conspicuous; annoyingly loud
  171. deplorable
    worthy of reproach or censure
  172. egregious
    • conspicuously bad; flagrant
    • lurid
    • shocking; sensational
  173. noisome
    offensive to the senses or the health
  174. flagrant
    offensively bad’ reprehensible
  175. astringent
    caustic; pungent
  176. ambulatory
    capable of moving around
  177. deviate
    to swerve or deflect
  178. peripatetic
    traveling from place to place
  179. impel
  180. to put into motion; to urge
  181. expedite
    to speed up the progress of
  182. peripheral
    located on the outer boundary
  183. compel
    to urge into action by force
  184. vagrant
    wandering from place to place
  185. perambulate
    to move about
  186. jettison
    to throw overboard
  187. purge
    to cleanse of something unwanted
  188. forgo
    to give something up
  189. deplete
    to decrease the supply of
  190. rescind
    to take back; to cancel
  191. efface
    to erase by rubbing
  192. abdicate
    to give up power
  193. renounce
    to give up in a formal announcement
  194. relinquish
    to abandon or give up
  195. cathartic
    having a purging effect; inducing the release of emotional tension
  196. altruism
  197. congenial
    friendly; pleasant
  198. munificent
  199. decorum
    propriety; good manners
  200. amity
  201. decorous
    exhibiting good taste in behavior or appearance
  202. affable
    friendly; kind
  203. gregarious
  204. geniality
  205. pedantic
    showy about knowledge
  206. grandiose
    pretentious; ridiculously exaggerated
  207. bombastic
    pompous; using inflated language
  208. ostentatious
    showy; pretentious
  209. pompous
    possessing excessive self-esteem; pretentious
  210. lofty
    haughty; overly proud
  211. garish
    flashy; loud
  212. ornate
    overly decorated
  213. opulence
  214. pretentious
  215. baroque
    extravagantly ornate and convoluted in style
  216. dogged
    determined; unwilling to give up
  217. inexorable
  218. obstinate
  219. intransigent
  220. contentious
  221. pertinacity
  222. steadfast
    unchanging; unswerving
  223. recalcitrant
    stubbornly rebellious
  224. tenacious
    holding firmly; persistent
  225. disputatious
    inclined to arguing
  226. obdurate
    intractable; not easily persuaded
  227. intractable
    hard to manage; stubborn
  228. adamant
    refusing to yield
  229. litigious
    prone to bringing lawsuits
  230. adroit
    dexterous; skillful
  231. unerring
    committing no mistakes; perfect
  232. adept
    highly skilled
  233. aptitude
    a natural ability; intelligence
  234. paragon
    a model of excellence; perfection
  235. deft
    adroit, skillful
  236. preeminent
  237. discerning
    showing good judgment or keen insight
  238. agility
  239. consummate
    perfect in every respect
  240. dexterous
    skillful with the hands
  241. impeccable
  242. precocious
    unusually advanced or mature in development
  243. nefarious
    wicked; sinful
  244. repugnant
    offensive; repulsive
  245. infamous
    famous for bad deeds; notorious
  246. odious
    worthy of dislike; arousing feelings of dislike
  247. malevolent
    wishing harm to others; evil
  248. malefactor
    an evildoer
  249. abominable
    loathsome; unpleasant
  250. avarice
    extreme greed
  251. bigotry
    intolerance toward those who are different
  252. miserly
    lacking generosity
  253. inimical
  254. curmudgeon
    a cranky person
  255. misanthrope
    one who hates humankind
  256. perfidy
    deliberate breach of trust; treachery
  257. charlatan
    a fraud; a quack
  258. ruse
    • a crafty
    • scheme
  259. subterfuge
    a scheme; an attempt to deceive
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