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  1. dissociative disorder
    disorders in which conscious awarness becomes separated (dissociated) from previous memories, thoughts, and feelings
  2. dissociative identity disorder
    a rare dissociativie disorder in which a person exhibits two or more distinct and alternating personalities. also called multiple personality disorders
  3. mood disorders
    psychological disorders characterized by emotional extremes.
  4. major depressive disorder
    a mood disorder in which a person, for no apparent reason, experiences two or more weeks of depressed moods, feelings of worthlessness, and diminished interest or pleasure in most activities
  5. mania
  6. bipolar disorder
    a mood disorder in which the person alternates between the hopelessness and lethargy of depression and the overexcited state of mania
  7. schizophrenia
    a group of severe disorders characterized by disorganized and delusional thinking, disturbed perceptions, and inappropriate emotions and actions
  8. delusions
    false beliefs, often of persecution or grandeur, that may accompany psychotic disorders
  9. personality disorders
    psychological disorders characterized by inflexible and enduring behavior patterns that impair social functioning
  10. antisocial personality disorder
    a personality disorder in which the person (usually a man) exhibits a lack of conscience for wrong-doing, even towards friends and family members. may be aggressive and ruthless or a clever con artist.
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