psych lecture 1

  1. areas of psych
    • developmental
    • cognitive
    • social
    • clinical
    • neuroscience
  2. 3 goals of psych
    Think scientifically about the mind

    Learn specialized terms/concepts

    Sophisticated consumers of science
  3. Elan Vital-
    • special essence, vitalism.
    • Vitalism- movement that argued this
    • Believed until challenged in 1800s
    • xplained it by saying things had living essence
    • people began looking for what substance made people alive- cut open animals.

    Decided that there must be a non visible substance that makes people alive
  4. contingency
    • if..... then" rule
    • If it rains the party is inside, if not then it will be outside
  5. sea squirt
    • 2 stages of life
    • tadpole- has brain
    • adult- no brain
  6. introspectionist
    • looking inward
    • opposite of behaviorism
  7. william james
    • founder of modern psych
    • Functionalist- what is the function of stuff-
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psych lecture 1
psych lecture 1