NZTA Licence questions

  1. You are required to undergo a breath screening test when requested by:Image Upload 1
  2. If anybody is hurt in a crash, the driver must tell a police officer as soon as possible but within:
  3. You are driving in a 100 km/h speed area and you see an ‘Accident’ sign. What speed must you slow down to?Image Upload 2Image Upload 3
  4. Which of the following people may legally require you to give a blood sample?Image Upload 4
  5. When turning right at a roundabout, you must:
  6. When turning left into a driveway, slow down and:
  7. You may stop on a motorway only:
  8. If you miss your exit on a motorway, you should:
  9. What must you do when red lights are flashing at a railway level crossing?
    Image Upload 5
  10. When driving on an unlaned road, your vehicle should be positioned:
  11. You must turn your vehicle headlights on when visibility is less than:
  12. When turning right from a two-laned road into a one-way street that has two lanes, you must turn into the:
  13. If you are a driver involved in a crash, the FIRST action you should take is to:
  14. If you intend to move your vehicle from the right-hand lane to the left-hand lane, you must:
  15. If you are driving in fog, your vehicle should have its:
  16. What is the best way to check for hazards before reversing your vehicle?
  17. If you are driving at night with your vehicle headlights on high beam, you MUST dip them when coming up to:
  18. What is the least distance of clear road you MUST have in front of you when you have finished passing another vehicle?
  19. What does a white reflector (cat’s eye) placed on the road mean?
    Image Upload 6
  20. What does a yellow reflector (cat's eye) placed on the road mean?
    Image Upload 7
  21. To help you from being blinded by the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, you should:
  22. When passing a horse and rider, you should:
  23. What rule applies when both vehicles are controlled by a Give Way sign?Image Upload 8
  24. When driving on an unlaned road, you must drive your vehicle on the:
  25. At night, you MUST always dip the headlights on your vehicle when:
  26. If you have to drive at a slow speed, which may hold up other vehicles, what should you do?
  27. What must you do when you see blue and red flashing lights behind you?
  28. How close can you park to an intersection where there are no broken yellow lines painted on the side of the road?
  29. Before going over a railway level crossing, you must:Image Upload 9
  30. The speed limit sign shown, means the:Image Upload 10
  31. When driving on a motorway, you must NOT:
  32. You must NOT park on the right-hand side of the road except when you are:
  33. If you are towing a vehicle or trailer, the distance between your vehicle and the one being towed must not be more than:
  34. When a flock of sheep are coming towards you on a country road, you should:
  35. You are waiting at a railway level crossing and the red lights continue to flash after the train has passed. You should:Image Upload 11
  36. Can you stop on a bus stop in a private motor vehicle?Image Upload 12
  37. Entrance ways into public carparks should be treated as:
  38. What does this sign mean?Image Upload 13
  39. If driving in a 50 km/h area, the horn on your vehicle should not be used:
  40. If your vehicle breaks down on a motorway, you should:
  41. In wet or frosty conditions, what rule should you use to judge a safe following distance?
  42. You are in the left-hand lane at traffic signals. You are waiting to turn left. At which of these traffic signals may you move on?
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