Psych 111 Exam 2 - Ch 8

  1. Define intelligence
    the human ability to use knowledge to solve problems, understand complex ideas, learn quickly and adapt to environmental challenges.
  2. Who first studied intelligence?
  3. What did he theorize about intelligence?
  4. Psychometric testing:
  5. Psychometric testing: Achievement tests
    asses specific skills and knowledge
  6. Psychometric testing: Aptitude tests
    help predict a range of performance
  7. Psychometric testing: Cognitive testing
    It is the study of how people perceive, remember, think, speak, and solve problems
  8. Biological influences
  9. Biological influences: Nature vs Nurture?
  10. Biological influences: Intelligence variance due to genes: How does time affect genetic influence?
  11. Environmental Factors
  12. Environmental Factors: Flynn effect
  13. Who developed IQ?
    Wilhelm Stern
  14. IQ – average?
  15. How it is defined and what does it mean?
    the number computed by dividing a child’s estimated mental age by the child's chronological age and then multiplying this number by 100
  16. What is mental age?
    an assessment of a child’s intellectual standing relative to that of his or her peers; determined by a comparison of the child's test score with the average score for children of each chronological age
  17. What is a major criticism of intelligence tests?
    • Cultural bias
    • -they may penalize people for belonging to particular cultures or particular groups
  18. Fluid vs Crystallized intelligence:
    • fluid:
    • -information processing in novel or complex circumstances

    • Crystallized:
    • -knowledge acquired through experience and the ability to use that knowledge
  19. Gardner’s “multiple intelligences”
    • the idea that people can show different skills in a variety of different domains
    • -musical
    • -bodily-kinesthetic
    • -linguistic
    • -mathematical/logical
    • -spatial-thinking in terms of pictures
    • -intrapersonal- self-understanding
    • -interpersonal- social understanding
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