Professional Baking Chapter 20

  1. Baked Custard
    A custard that is baked without being disturbed so it sets into a solid.
  2. Bavarian Cream
    A light, cold dessert made of gelatin, whipped cream, and custard sauce or fruit.
  3. Charlotte
    (1) A cold dessert made of Bavarian cream or other cream in a special mold, usually lined with ladyfingers or other sponge products. (2) A hot dessert made of cooked fruit and baked in a special mold lined with strips of bread.
  4. Christmas Pudding
    A dark, heavy steamed pudding made of dried and candied fruits, spices, beef suet, and crumbs.
  5. Cornstarch Pudding
    A sweetened liquid, usually milk and flavorings, that is boiled with cornstarch to thicken it.
  6. Cream Pudding
    A boiled pudding made of milk, sugar, eggs, and starch.
  7. Custard
    A liquid that is thickened or set by the coagulation of egg protein.
  8. Mousse
    A soft or creamy dessert that is made light by the addition of whipped cream, egg whites, or both.
  9. Panna Cotta
    An Italian pudding made of cream, gelatin, and flavorings; literally, "cooked cream."
  10. Pot de Crème (poh duh krem)
    A rich baked custard.
  11. Rice Impératrice
    A rich rice pudding containing whipped cream, candied fruits, and gelatin.
  12. Soufflé
    (1) A baked dish containing whipped egg whites, which cause the dish to rise during baking. (2) A still-frozen dessert made in a soufflé dish so that it resembles a baked soufflé.
  13. Stirred Custard
    A custard that is stirred while it is cooked so that it thickens but does not set.
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