Math Test 2

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  1. What is the Chain Rule?
    Take the derivative of the “outside” function first (using the power rule) and then take the derivative of the "inside" function
  2. Exponential Form?
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  3. Derivative of e
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  4. Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions
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  5. Derivative of the natural log function
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  6. What are Critical Numbers?
    For a function F are those numbers c in the domain of F for which f'(c)=0 or f'(c) does not exist.
  7. Method for Intervals where increasing and decreasing
    • 1. Find the derivative
    • 2. Find the critical numbers
    • 3. Place critical numbers and undefined values of number line
    • 4. Test values in each interval (Plug into f'(x).)
    • 5. Increaing intervals are where f'(x)>0
    • Decreasing invervals are where f'(x)<0
  8. How to find the Absolute Extrema
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