1. Why is the lower Nile in the north, and the upper Nile in the south?
    Direction of flow
  2. What is the main religion and main language of Egypt?
    Arabic= language, Islamic= religion
  3. What is a felucca?
    3. Small sailboat
  4. In the Sinai, many believe that Mt. Horeb is really what?
    Where moses got the tablets
  5. Egypt is 95% desert. T or F
  6. How many people live in Cairo?
    18 million
  7. We line up for a bus ride. What do Egyptians do?
    Run onto it
  8. The book said that often times baksheesh was ask for and expected. Do you think the gentleman who helped the host find her hotel asked for a tip?
  9. What is a lift?
  10. What advice was given for female tourists in Old Cairo?
    Don’t be too friendly, don’t show too much skin, be firm
  11. What is the name of the bazaar in Old Cairo?
    Khan el khalili
  12. What does Inshallah mean?
  13. Do you think the Doctor was an MD? What type of person in Canadian history would you relate him to?
    Medicine man shaman?
  14. The guide girl immediately suggested 500pounds for the wall hanging. Why might she not have started at 300 pounds?
    The woman probably got a commission
  15. What is a mosque?
    Temple, place of worship
  16. What game are the men playing?
    Dominoes, backhand?
  17. What smoking utensil are they using?
  18. What was the purpose of the pyramids?
    Tombs for pharaoh’s family members
  19. How many pyramids are there
  20. St Anthony’s Monastery is a Jewish monastery. T or F
  21. In terms of age, where does St. Anthony’s stand?
    Oldest in The world.
  22. What is the main historical feature at El Alamein?
    Cemetery for WW2
  23. What heritage are the occupants of Siwa?
  24. On what side of the Nile is the Valley of the Kings?
    West side because the sun sets to the west
  25. Why were possessions buried with the person?
    For life in the next world
  26. How were the tombs made?
    Cutting out stones by hand. Slaves did this.
  27. What King built Abu Simbel?
    Ramses 2
  28. How tall are the statues at Abu Simbel?
    Over 65 feet
  29. Why was the temple moved?
    So it wouldn’t be destroyed by water
  30. Why is question #16 ridiculous
    Has monastery in the name. But is not a Monastery ...Jews don’t have saints?
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