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  1. founder of modern nursing
    Florence Nightingale
  2. who believed in the concept that nursing was an art and a science?

    -needs of patients, not demands of physicians
    florence nightingale
  3. who was recognized as significant minority nurse?
    Mary Seacole
  4. union superintendent of women nurses, champion for mental health
    Dorothea dix
  5. founder of american red cross, red cross nursing service, and the army nurse corps?
    -teacher, not a nurse
    Clara Barton
  6. first african american trained nurse in US
    -broke the barrier so minority nurses could be accepted into nursing school
    Mary Elizabeth Mahoney
  7. founded henry street settlement, first public health organization
    Lillian Wald
  8. first nurse practitioner program in US by?
    • Loretta ford
    • Henry silver
  9. symbol of goodness, purity, wisdom, learning
    the lamp
  10. social changes that affected nursing?
    • Great depression
    • WW II
  11. What is philosophy of nursing?
    • examines the relationship between truth and ideals in nursing
    • forms the framework for nursing practice
  12. what are elements of a philosophy of nursing?
    • person
    • environment
    • health
  13. importance of theory
    guides research and practice
  14. Nightingale's environmental theory
    • "canons of nursing"
    • - foundation for the promotion of health and guidance for the practice of prof. nursing
    • -14 canons: ventilation. warming, noise, variety, diet, light, hope, advice, cleanliness...
  15. who believed that the relationship between nurse and pt. is what makes nursing special?
    -theory of interpersonal relations
    • Peplau: explored interpersonal relationship of the nurse and pt.
    • feelings-predictor of pos. outcomes
  16. known as the "florence nightingale of the the 20th century"
    -linked her def. of nursing with 14 basic needs of pts
    Virginia Henderson
  17. Philosophy and science of caring
    -caring among nurse, environment, and client is essential to healing
    Jean Watson
  18. General Theory of Nursing
    - nursing goal was to help pts until they could become independent
    Dorothea Orem
  19. nurse will be the change agent in assisting the individual with adaptation when an insult renders him or her in need of environmental modification.....Adaptation model
  20. who believed culturally congruent nursing care leads to health and well being for the pt?
    -cultural diversity and uneversality theory
    Madeline Leininger
  21. which phase in the therapeutic use of self begins the development of trust?
    -identification of major problems and needs
    orientation phase
  22. which phase in the therapeutic use of self accomplishes tasks towards goals?
    -bulk of relationship
    working phase
  23. ends nurse and pt relationship
    termination phase
  24. who originated the term "therapeutic use of self"?
    hildegard peplau
  25. involves a process by which a person acquires the knowledge, skills, and sense of identity that are characteristic of a profession
    professional socialization
  26. 1st phase of Cohen's model of professional socialization
    unilateral dependence: extremely dep. on faculty (1 sem.)
  27. 2nd phase of Cohen's model of professional socialization
    negative/independence: want to do things yourself (2nd sem.)
  28. 3rd phase of cohen's model of professional socialization
    dependence/mutuality: recognize you still need some help
  29. 4th stage of cohen's model of professional socialization
  30. relationship between the person and the environment that is appraised as exceeding the persons resources and endangering the persons well being
  31. what is the first stage in selye's general adaptation syndrome and what happens?
    Alarm stage: SNS fight or flight response, person perceives stressor, hormone levels rise
  32. what is the 2nd stage in selye's general adaptation syndrome and what happens?
    Resistance stage: adaptation occurs to stressor, body regains homeostasis
  33. what is the 3rd stage in selye's general adaptation syndrome and what happens?
    exhaustion stage: endocrine activity continues and the body will fail if exposure to the stressor is prolonged
  34. conscious attemts to reduce anxiety
  35. coping mechanisms
    meditation, studying, sports...etc.
  36. a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress is called?
  37. involuntary blocking, unpleasant feelings
    repression: escape defense mechanism
  38. rechanneling of drives to socially acceptable ones
    sublimation: compromise defense mechanism
  39. attempting to make excuses
    rationalization: compromise defense mechanism
  40. retreating in response to stress to an earlier level of development
    regression: escape defense mechanism
  41. what guides decisions and actions of a group through time?
    -the sum total of the way of living includes values, beliefs, standards, etc.
  42. a set of congruent behaviors, practices, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system or agency enabling effective work to be done in cross cultural situations is called?
    cultural competence
  43. enhance the quality of culturally congruent competent, and quitable care that results in improved health and well being for ppl worldwide
    transcultural nursing
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