1. How long is AST A School?
  2. What color is the medium resistance exercise band?
  3. What color is the warning/hazard color for crushing dangers?
    Black and yellow
  4. How high off the deck must electrical boxes be on a hangar with fueled aircraft?
  5. Where can water activated pyro be stored in a pyro locker?
    At the top
  6. When completing the gunners belt modification, what size hole is drilled?
  7. What PSI is the RSLR-1 oral inflation bladder inflated to, for the leak check?
  8. How long can an airman be medically grounded before being disenrolled?
    30 days
  9. What part of the airman workout gets laminated and taken to the pool?
  10. If a chemical is not on the ACL who has to approve it?
  11. What are the duration of the FARTLEK workouts?
  12. What does SEAS stand for?
    Survival Emergency Air System
  13. What lubricant is used on the SEAS?
    Christo lube MCG-111
  14. What is the pyro classification assigned to pyro used for SAR?
  15. What ship was reportably sunk by the germans at the start of WWI?
  16. What year did the Coast Guard adapt Navy ratings?
  17. Static line length of 12' ADS?
  18. On a medium class sewing machine, which direction is the flywheel turned to reduce the stitch count?
  19. How many items, including optional items in the LPU-26P?
  20. How long is a CG-22 kept?
  21. On a C-130J where is the LOX stored?
  22. What undergarment is used for leak testing an ADC?
    Undergarment, heavy wool socks, AEG and flight boots. Hood and gloves if required locally
  23. What is the testing method on the Fox 40 whistle?
    Blow normally, then forced Exhalation
  24. How long can an aircraft be stored at Preservation level 3?
  25. What part of the heart pumps blood back into the body?
    Left ventricle
  26. What part of the blood carries oxygen?
    Hemoglobin AKA red blood cells
  27. How often are gunners belts inspected?
    Intervals not to exceed 30 days
  28. How often are first aid kits inspected?
    every 2 years
  29. How far do you overstitch a 28' chute?
    1 1/2"
  30. Where are ice awls stored on a triton?
    spare pocket, waist band left side middle pocket, no lanyard required
  31. What weight is the ERD load checked?
  32. What is the angle for sharpening the survival knife?
    20 degrees
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