med abv

  1. abd
  2. ac
    before meals
  3. AD
    right ear, or alzheimers disease
  4. ad lib
    freely as desired
  5. AP
    anteroposterior (front to back)
  6. A&P
    ausultation and percussion
  7. ASHD
    arteriosclerotic heart disease
  8. AS
    left ear, or aortic stenosis
  9. AU
    each ear
  10. bid
    twice a day
  11. BPH
    benign prostatic hypertrophy
  12. Bx
  13. c
  14. CABG
    coronary artery bypass graft
  15. CCU
    coronary care unit
  16. Chemo
  17. c/o
    complains of
  18. C&S
    culture and sensitivity (test)
  19. CT scat
    computed tomography scan
  20. CVA
    cerebrovascular acciedent
  21. D/C or d/c
  22. D&C
    dialation and curettage (uterine lining)
  23. diff
    differential (% types of WBCs)
  24. DVT
    deep vein thrombosis
  25. ER
    emergency roomm, or estrogen receptor
  26. ENT
    ears, nose, throat
  27. ESRD
    end-stage renal disease
  28. ETOH
    ethyl alcohol
  29. F/U or f/u
  30. FUO
    fever of unknown origin
  31. GB
  32. GERD
    gastroesophageal reflux disease
  33. gt, gtt
    drop, drops
  34. Gyn
  35. Hct
  36. HIV
    human immunosupprent virus
  37. h.s.
    at bedtime
  38. I&D
    incision ans drainage
  39. IM
    intramuscular, infectious mononnucleosis
  40. IVP
    intravenous pyelography
  41. KUB
    kidneys, ureters, bladder ( x-ray w/o contrast)
  42. Lat
  43. LLQ
    left lower quadrant
  44. lytes
  45. NSAID
    nonsteroidal anti-inflamatory drug
  46. NKA
    no known allergies
  47. NSR
    normal sinus rhythum( of heart)
  48. OB
  49. OD
    right eye
  50. ORIF
    open reduction plus internal fixation ( to broken bone)
  51. OS
    left eye
  52. OU
    each eye
  53. P
    after, following
  54. PA
    posterioranterior ( front to back)
  55. pc
    after meals
  56. PERRLA
    pupils equa, round and reactive to light, and accommodation
  57. PET
    positron emission tomography
  58. PMH
    past medical history
  59. PND
    paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, postnasal drip
  60. PTCA
    percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (balloon angioplasty)
  61. PVC
    premature ventricular contraction
  62. q
  63. qid
    four times a day
  64. qs
    quantity sufficient
  65. RLQ
    right lower quadrant
  66. ROM
    range of motion
  67. ROS
    review of systems
  68. Rx
    treatment, therapy, prescription
  69. s
  70. tab
  71. TIA
    transient ischemic attack
  72. tid
    three times a day
  73. TPN
    total parenteral nutrition ( IV solution maintain fluids)
  74. TUR, TURP
    transurethral resection of the prostate gland
  75. UA, U/A
  76. UGI
    upper gastrointestinal
  77. URI
    upper respiratory infection
  78. US, u/s
  79. W/C
  80. allergist
    tx of hypersensitivity reactions
  81. anesthesiologist
    administration of agents for loss of sensation
  82. cardiologist
    Tx of heart disease
  83. cardiovascular surgeon
    surgery on the heart and blood vessels
  84. colorectal surgeon
    surgery on colon and rectum
  85. dermatologist
    Tx of skin disorders
  86. emergencey practitioner
    immediadte evaluation and Tx of acute injury and illnesses in hospital
  87. endocrinologist
    Tx of endocrine gland disorders
  88. family practitioner
    primary care and teatment for families on a continuing bias
  89. gastroenterologist
    Tx of stomach and intestional disorders
  90. geriatricaian
    Tx of diseases of old age
  91. gyncologist
    surgery and Tx for diseasses of female reproductive system
  92. hematologist
    tx of blood diorders
  93. infectious disease specialist
    Tx of disease caused by microorganisms
  94. internist
    comprehensive care for adults in an office or hospital setting
  95. nephrologist
    Tx of kidney dissease
  96. nerologist
    Tx of nerve disorders
  97. nerosurgeon
    surgery on the brain, spinal cord and nerves
  98. obstetrician
    tx of pregnant women, delivery of babies
  99. oncologist
    diagnois and medical tx of malignant and benign tumors
  100. ophthalmologist
    surgical and medical tx of eye disorders
  101. orthopedist
    surgical tx of bones, joints and muscles
  102. otolaryngologist
    tx of ear nose and throat
  103. pathologist
    diagnosis of disease by analysis of cells
  104. pysical medicine and rehabilitaion specialist
    tx to restore function after illness
  105. psychiatrist
    tx of mental disorders
  106. pulmonologist
    tx of lung disease
  107. radiologist
    examination of x-ray images to determine a diagnosis
  108. radiation oncologist
    tx of disease wit high energy radiation
  109. rheumatologist
    tx of joint and muscle disorders
  110. thoracic surgeon
    surgery on chest organs
  111. urologist
    surgery on urinary tract
  112. audiologist
    works with ppl who have hearing problems by useing testing device to measure loss of hearing,
  113. blood bank technologist
    collects, types and prepares blood and its components for lab testing
  114. clinical/ medical lab technologist
    performs test to examine and analize body fluids, tissues and cells
  115. diagnostic medical tech
    performs diagnostic ultrasound procedures
  116. dietitian
    plans nutrition programs and supervises the preparation and serving of meals
  117. ECG tech
    operates an electrocardiograph to record ECGs and for Holter monitoring and stress tests
  118. EMT emergency medical tech
    first responder, gives immediate car and transports sick or injured to med facilities
  119. health inforamtion management professional
    designs, manages and administers the use of healthcare data and info.
  120. home health aide
    cares for eldarly, diabled and ill patients in thier own homes, helping them live there instead of an instution
  121. licenced practical nurse LPN
    cares for sick, injured convalescing and handicapped under direct supervision of physician and R.N. provide basic bedside cares
  122. medical assistant
    dhelps physician examine and treat patients and preforms tasks to keep offices running smoothly
  123. nuclear medicaine technologist
    preform radioactive test and procedures under direct supervision of a nuclear medicine physician, who interprets it.
  124. nurse anesthetist
    aids in the delivery of ofanesthesia during surgery
  125. nursing aide
    helps care for varity of patients under direct supervison of R.N
  126. occupational therapist OT
    helps ppl with mentaly, physically and developmentally, emotionally disabling conditions to recover ADLs and working skills
  127. pharmacy tech
    under direct supervision of pharmacists, dispences, distributes ad administers medications prescribed
  128. phlebotomist
    drawsand test blood under the supervision of a medical technologist or lab manager
  129. physical therapist PT
    improves the mobility, relieves the pain, and prevents or limits permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering form injuries or disease
  130. physical therapist assistant PTA
    under direct supervision of PT works with patients to improve thir mobility
  131. Physicians assistant PAphysician
    examines diagnoses, and treats patients under the direct supervision of
  132. radiation therapist
    prepares cancer patients for tx and examination and administers mediations
  133. radiographer/ image tech
    produces x-ray images of partsof the body for use in diagnosing medical problems
  134. RN
    cares for sick, injured, ppl by assesing and recording symtoms, assisting physicians duing examinations and administering meds
  135. respiratory therapist
    evaluates treats and cares for patients with breathing disorders
  136. speech-language pathologist
    assesses and tx persons with speech, langauge, voice and fluency disorders
  137. surgical technologist CST
    assiss i operations under the supervisiion of surgeons or registered nurses.
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