1. Write the words of the chorus to the song "Rose of Deltasig".
    • Rose of Deltasig I love you, Rose of Delta Sigma Pi,
    • When the shades of night are falling I dream of days gone by;
    • As I go thru life's long journey, Memories will never die,
    • I will always hear you calling, Rose of Delta Sigma Pi.
  2. Write the correct abbreviation for a member of Delta Sigma Pi
    The abbreviation for a member is a Deltasig
  3. In your own words, what is the mission of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation?
    The mission of the Leadership foundation is raise funds for scholarships, promote brotherhood, and ensure the existence of educational programs.
  4. Name several ways to support the fraternity after graduation.
    • PARTICIPATING in an alumni chapter or in the various national leadership and professional development events;
    • ATTENDING collegiate chapter events;
    • SERVING on the national level as a Board of Directors member, Regional Vice President, District Director, or national committee member;
    • ESTABLISHING a new collegiate or alumni chapter in your area;
    • ASSISTING a Regional Vice President or other national officer;
    • DONATING money or services to the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation and/or chapters
  5. In your own words, define the ideal member.
    The ideal member is someone that complies with morals and values of the fraternity, in that, they will sacrifice their own viewpoint for the greater good. In everything they do, they do it with accuracy and precision to build the credibility of the fraternity and theirs. If the opportunity comes to be elected in office remember that you have an obligation to the fraternity and the brothers to do the best of your ability. And basically remember you have to give to receive, so anytime you can give to the leadership foundation and/or fraternity do so because somewhere down the line you may reap the benefits.
  6. In your own words, define the ideal chapter.
    The ideal chapter is one that all members successfully carryout the objectives of the chapter/fraternity. All members work perfectly together to promote the credibility of the fraternity. The chapter officers stay in constant contact with the central office, alumni, and members of other chapters. The chapter successfully hosts service events that show they are doing big things in the community, professional world, and on campus.
  7. What are the five categories of the Risk Management Policy?
    The five categories of the Risk Management Policy are Alcohol and Drugs, Statement on Hazing, Discrimination and Harassment, Chapter Houses and Meeting Facilities, and Fraternity Events.
  8. Name six provisions, from any of the categories, of the Risk Management and Conduct Policy.
    Six provisions of risk management are First, no organizational member individually or collectively, will purchase for, serve to, give, or sell alcoholic beverages to any minor (those under legal drinking age). Second, at each event there must be designated non-drinking members. Third, non-alcoholic beverages must be provided at each event. Fourth, no “drinking games” will be permitted including beer pong, quarter, etc. Fifth, organizational members and/or guests who arrive at an event in an intoxicated state must not be admitted. Sixth, no event will be planned or promoted under the name of Delta Sigma Pi which is for the main purpose of consuming continued amounts of alcohol.
  9. To whom does the Individual Code of Conduct and General Risk Management Policy apply?
    The Individual Code of Conduct and General Risk Management Policy applies to members of Delta Sigma Pi (collegiate and alumni), faculty members, pledges, colony members and employees.
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