Professional Baking Chapter 24

  1. Chocolate Liquor
    Unsweetened chocolate, consisting of cocoa solids and cocoa butter.
  2. Chocolate Truffle
    A small ball of chocolate ganache, served as a confection.
  3. Cocoa Butter
    A white or yellowish fat found in natural chocolate.
  4. Conching
    A step in the manufacturing of chocolate, the purpose of which is to create a fine, smooth texture.
  5. Couverture
    Natural, sweet chocolate containing no added fats other than natural cocoa butter; used for dipping, molding, coating, and similar purposes.
  6. Dark Chocolate
    Sweetened chocolate that consists of chocolate liquor and sugar.
  7. Milk Chocolate
    Sweetened chocolate containing milk solids.
  8. Seeding
    A technique for tempering chocolate by adding grated tempered chocolate to melted chocolate to cool it.
  9. Tablage
    A technique for tempering chocolate by cooling it on a marble slab.
  10. Tempering
    The process of melting and cooling chocolate to specific temper- atures in order to prepare it for dipping, coating, or molding.
  11. White Couverture
    A confection consisting of cocoa butter, milk solids, and sugar. Sometimes erroneously called "white chocolate."
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