Socio Ch3 Vocab

  1. Culture
    Products of social living that are learned, shared, and transmitted from generation to generation
  2. High culture
    Def: Culture cosumed mainly by upper classes.

    Ej: opera, ballet
  3. Popular culture (mass culture)
    Culture consumed by all classes
  4. Tools in the human cultural survival kit
    • 1. Abstraction: capacity to create general ideas or ways of thinking.
    • Symbols - mere representation of ideas, objects, events
    • Ej: language, mathematical signs

    • 2. Cooperation: capacity to create a complex social life by:
    • norms (or accepting ways of doing things)
    • values (or ideas about what is right-wrong; good-bad)
    • Ej: family develop norms n values to raise their kids.

    • 3. Production: making and using tools and techniques that improve our ability to take what we want from nature.
    • Material culture - tools and techniques that help ppl to get things done.
    • Non-material culture - are intangile things, such as, symbols and norms.
  5. Types of Norms
    • 1. Folkway: norms that specify social preference.
    • Ej: prson who doesnt wear a shirt.

    • 2. Mores: norms that specify social requirements.
    • Ej: prson who doesnt wear nothing from the waist down.

    • 3. Taboos: stronger and most central norms. Cause revolution n severe punishment.
    • Ej: incest
  6. Ethnocentrism
    Def: person/ ppl believe that their culture is superior than other cultures.

    Ej: Hittler , Americans
  7. Cultural Relativism
    Believe that all cultures have equal value.
  8. Right Revolution
    Process by which socially excluded groups strugled to win equal rights under the law.
  9. Rites of Passage
    Def: cultural ceremonies that mark the transition from one stage of life to another, or from life to death.

    Ej: baptisms , weddings, funerals.
  10. Globalization
    Process by which formerly separate economies, states, and cultures are tied together and ppl bcome aware of their growing interdependence.
  11. Rationalization
    Def: application of the most efficient means to achieve given goals n the unintended, negative consequences of doing so.

    Ej: McDonalds - ppl adjust to McDonalds locaitons, eating fast food with bad quality.
  12. Cosumerism
    Because of the things that advertize in TV are with famous ppl, we want to buy it so we can become as famous (in some way in our mind) as them.
  13. Subculture
    Def: set of distinctive values, norms, and practices within larger culture.

    Ej: emos
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