CMST 2010 Chapter 7 terms

  1. active listening
    Suspending our own responses while listening so we can concentrate on what another person is saying
  2. activity
    an attribute of emotion that refers to wheather the emotion implies action or passivity
  3. communicating emotionally
    communicating such that the emotion is not the content of the mesage but rather a property of it
  4. dualism
    a way of thinking that constructs polar opposite categories to encompass the totality of a thing. Dualism prompts us to think about things in an "either or" fasions
  5. emoticons
    an icon that can be typed on a keyboard to express emotions; used for compensate for the lack of nonverbal cues in computer-mediated communication
  6. emotion
    the critical internal structure that orients us to and engages us with what matters in our lives: our feeling about ourselvs and others. this encombasses both the internal feelings of one person as well as feeling that can be expereinced only in a relationship
  7. emotional communication
    talking about an emotional experience
  8. emotional contagion
    The process of transferring emotions from one person to another
  9. emotional effects
    the ways in which an emotional experience impacts communication behavior
  10. emotional experience
    the feeling of emotion
  11. feeling rules
    the cultural norms used to create and react to emotional expressions
  12. I-messages
    A message phrased to show we understand that our feelings belong to us and aren't caused by someone else
  13. intensity
    An attribute of emotion that refers to hour strongly a emotion is felt
  14. meta-emotion
    emotion felt about experiencing another emotion
  15. owning
    Verbally taking responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings
  16. reframe
    To change somethign that has a negative connotation to something with a more postive connotation (e.g. a problem can become a concern or a challange can become an opportunity)
  17. valence
    an attribute of emotion that refers to wheater the emotion reflets a postive or negative feeling
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