Professional Baking Chapter 2

  1. Aerobic
    Requiring oxygen to live and grow; said of bacteria.
  2. Allergen
    A substance that triggers an allergic reaction.
  3. Anaerobic
    Requiring an absence of oxygen to live and grow; said of bacteria.
  4. AP weight
    As purchased; the weight of an item before trimming.
  5. Baker’s percentage
    A method of expressing ratios of ingredients in a baking formula, in which the weight of each ingredient is expressed as a percentage of the weight of the flour.
  6. Centi-
    Prefix in the metric system meaning “one-hundredth.”
  7. Contaminated
    Containing a harmful substance not originally present in the food.
  8. Cross-contamination
    The transfer of pathogens to food from another food or from work surfaces or equipment.
  9. Deci-
    Prefix in the metric system meaning “one-tenth.”
  10. EP weight
    Edible portion; the weight of an item after trimming.
  11. Facultative
    Able to live and grow with or without the presence of oxygen; said of bacteria.
  12. Flow of food
    The path food travels in a food service operation from receiving to serving.
  13. Food Danger Zone
    The temperature range of 41° to 135°F (5° to 57°C), in which bacteria grow rapidly.
  14. Formula
    Set of instructions for preparing a bakery product; a baker’s recipe.
  15. Gram
    The basic unit of weight in the metric system; equal to about one-thirtieth of an ounce.
  16. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
    a food safety system of self-inspection designed to highlight hazardous foods and to control food handling to avoid hazards.
  17. Hazard
    A potentially dangerous food condition due to contamination, growth of pathogens, survival of pathogens, or presence of toxins.
  18. Kilo-
    Prefix in the metric system meaning “one thousand.”
  19. Lag phase
    A period after bacteria are introduced to a new environment and before they begin to grow and reproduce.
  20. Liter
    The basic unit of volume in the metric system; equal to slightly more than 1 quart.
  21. Meter
    The basic unit of length in the metric system; slightly longer than 1 yard.
  22. Metric system
    A measurement system based entirely on decimals.
  23. Microorganism
    A life form, such as bacteria, too small to be seen without a microscope.
  24. Milli-
    Prefix in the metric system meaning “one-thousandth.”
  25. Pathogen
    A disease-causing microorganism.
  26. Recipe
    Set of instructions for preparing a certain dish.
  27. Scaling
    Weighing, usually of ingredients or of doughs or batters.
  28. Scone flour
    A mixture of flour and baking powder used when very small quantities of baking powder are needed.
  29. Standardized formula
    A set of instructions describing the way a particular establishment prepares a certain baked item
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