Professional Baking Chapter 1

  1. Boulanger (boo lawn zhay)
    Bread baker.
  2. Boulanger
    An eighteenth-century Parisian credited with starting the first restaurant.
  3. Carême, Marie-Antoine
    Important nineteenth-century cook and pastry chef.
  4. Confisseur (cone fee sur)
    A candy maker.
  5. Cuisinier (kwee zee nyay)
    A cook; the head of a kitchen.
  6. Décorateur
    A pastry chef who specializes in or is skilled at decorative work, such as showpieces, sugar work, and fancy cakes.
  7. Escoffier, Georges-August
    Most important chef of late nineteenth and early twentieth century; organized cooking principles and kitchen hierarchy.
  8. Fusion cuisine
    The use of techniques and ingredients from more than one regional cuisine in a single dish.
  9. Glacier (glah see yay)
    A chef who makes ice cream.
  10. Gluten
    An elastic substance, formed from proteins present in wheat flours, that gives structure and strength to baked goods.
  11. Maza
    An early type of bread; cakes of grain paste baked by the ancient Greeks.
  12. Nouvelle cuisine
    Important cooking style of 1960s and 1970s, known for lighter flavors and elaborate plating styles.
  13. Opson
    In ancient Greece, any food eaten with bread.
  14. Rôtisseur (ro tee sur)
    Roast cook or meat cook.
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