Nutrition Exam 2

  1. Describe the functions of fats
  2. Differentiate between the various types of lipoproteins:

  3. Describe the effective ways to raise HDL's and lower LDL's
  4. Define triglyceride
  5. Define saturated fat
  6. Describe monosaturated fat
  7. Describe polyunsaturated fat
  8. Describe phospholipid
  9. Describe Cholestrol
  10. Describe micelle
  11. Describe food sources for each of the type of dietary fats
  12. Which food factor is the most influential in raising blood cholestrol
  13. Dietary guideline recommendations for total fat
  14. Dietary guideline recommendations for saturated fat
  15. Describe the dietary guideline recommendations for monounsaturated fat
  16. Describe the dietary guideline recommendations for polyunsaturated fat
  17. Describe the dietary guideline recommendations for cholestrol
  18. Define essential fatty acid
    -name the 2 essential fatty acids
  19. Describe the desirable blood cholesterol level
  20. Name the compounds that cholesterol is a precursor to
  21. Identify omega 3 fatty acids
    -their health benefits
    -their food sources
  22. Describe why fish oil supplements may be harmful
  23. Define atherolsclerosis
  24. Define Plaque
  25. Define angina
  26. Define CHD
  27. Define MI
  28. Define CVA
  29. Identify the major risk factors for the development of CHD
  30. Compare and contrast the development of CHD in men vs women
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Nutrition Exam 2
Nutrition exam 2