26 - 27

  1. Knuckles: Boss the broads's here for the audition.
    Blousey I can explain…..

    Blousey; Shut your mouth, jerk

    (Fat Sam appears from his office and moves down stairs to sit at the table)
    Ok Honey I’m all ears

    • (Blousey moves to the centre for her song 7.I’m
    • Feeling Fine)
  2. Towards the end of the song Fat Sam stands and claps
    • Good honey, that’s enough,
    • very nice ,very nice…
    • A little too contemp contemp…
    • A bit modern for my taste
    • but all the same very …..nice…
    • You’re hired, start tomorrow.
    • He snaps his fingers and all follow him off stage right
  3. Bugsy; Great Blousey, that was really swell. I told you you’d make it, that was terrific, just terrific
    Bugsy: Blousey what’s the matter? Look I can explain all that Tallulah smoochin thing! Blousey,
    She exits he continues to call as then turns and climbs upto …Lights down and up on USR Office
    Fat Sam appears USR office followed by Bugsy.
    Bugsy; you want to see me Mr Stachetto?
    • Bugsy how would you like to earn yourself
    • some green stuff
  4. Bugsy; as long as you aint talkin cabbages..what’s the
    • No catch..
    • This is a job drivin…
    • just a straight forward drivin job
  5. Bugsy: Knowing you Sam it’ll be more ducking
    than driving ….what’s the pay
  6. Bugsy; What ..cents?
    No, dollars
  7. Bugsy; Dollars! Sounds like dangerous driving
    • Nah!
    • Sure it might get a little hot,
    • but you don’t get that kinda money
    • drivin a milk truck
  8. Bugsy: OK OK fair enough..
    You got yourself a driver
    • Good boy! Good Boy (they slap hands in agreement then go down stars)
    • Knuckles organize some drinks downstairs….
    • To audiance
    • Things are shaping up nicely
    • and I’m getting real thirsty…
    • blood thirsty!!!
    • (Laughs maniacally and exits. Knuckles and Bugsy both look slightly horrified
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26 - 27
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