Chapter 37 People

  1. Cordell Hull
    FDR’s secretary of state, who promoted reciprocal trade agreements, especially with Latin America
  2. Adolf Hitler
    Fanatical fascist leader of Germany whose aggressions forced the United States to abandon its neutrality
  3. Benito Mussolini
    The lesser partner of the Rome-Berlin Axis who invaded Ethiopia and joined the war against France and Britain
  4. Gerald Nye
    Instigator of 1934 Senate hearings that castigated World War I munitions manufacturers as “merchants of death”
  5. Francisco Franco
    Fascist rebel against the Spanish Loyalist government
  6. Abraham Lincoln brigade
    Young American volunteers who went to fight for Loyalist Spain against Franco’s Spanish fascist rebels.
  7. Czechoslovakia
    Small East European democracy betrayed into Hitler’s hands at Munich
  8. Poland
    East European nation whose September 1939 invasion by Hitler set off World War II in Europe
  9. France
    Nation whose sudden fall to Hitler in 1940 pushed the United States closer to direct aid to Britain
  10. Charles A. Lindbergh
    Leader of the America First organization and chief spokesman for U.S. isolationism
  11. Wendell Willkie
    Dynamic dark horse Republican presidential nominee who attacked FDR only on domestic policy
  12. Winston Churchill
    Courageous prime minister who led Britain’s lonely resistance to Hitler
  13. Joseph Stalin
    Russian dictator who first helped Hitler destroy Poland before becoming a victim of Nazi aggression in 1941
  14. Iceland
    North Atlantic nation near whose waters U.S. destroyers came under Nazi submarine attack
  15. Hawaii
    Site of a naval base where Japan launched a devastating surprise attack on the United States
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