Intro Philosophy Test 2

  1. According to the notes, what are the two preliminary question to ask of any philosophical question
    • 1. What exactly is the question?
    • 2. How important is the question?
  2. How has knowledge traditionally been defined?
    • Knowledge has traditionally been defined as justified true belief.
    • (If someone believes something - it is true - and the person is justified in
    • believing it, it is correct to say that they know it.)
  3. According to Rationalism, what is the primary and best source of knowledge?
    Reason (not sense experience) is the primary and best source of knowledge about reality.
  4. According to Empiricism, what is the only source of genuine knowledge?
    The only source of genuine knowledge is sense experience.
  5. What is the difference between 'a priori' and 'a posteriori' knowledge?
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Intro Philosophy Test 2
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