Final Cut Pro 7

  1. Name three ways to open Final Cut Pro.
    Double-click the application in the Applications folder, click the icon in the Dock, or double-click a Final Cut Pro project file.
  2. What four modifier keys are often used in conjunction with
    keyboard shortcuts to initiate functions or commands?
    Shift, Control, Option, and Command
  3. How do you access a shortcut menu?
    Control-click (or right-click) an item.
  4. In what main menu can you find the Import command?
    In the File menu.
  5. Identify three ways to open a clip in the Viewer.
    Double-click the clip in the Browser, drag it to the Viewer, or select it and press Return.
  6. Besides clicking the Play button, what keys on your keyboard can you press to play a clip or sequence forward?
    The Spacebar and the L key.
  7. Which keys move the playhead forward or backward in one- frame increments in the Viewer, Canvas, and Timeline?
    The Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys.
  8. How do you mark an In point or Out point on a clip?
    Click the Mark In or Mark Out button in the Viewer, or press the keyboard shortcut, I or O.
  9. What button in the Canvas window do you click to edit a clip?
    The red Overwrite button.
  10. What visual indicator in the Viewer lets you know you are on the first or last frame of the entire clip?
    Filmstrip sprocket holes appear on the left side of the image in the Viewer to indicate the first available frame of media, and appear on the right side to indicate the last frame.
  11. What visual indicator in the Canvas window lets you know the playhead is on the first or last frame of an edited clip in the Timeline?
    • An L in the lower left means you’re on the first frame of the edited clip, and a reverse L in the lower right means you’re on
    • the last frame.
  12. When viewing the audio portion of a clip, what do you see instead of a video image?
    A waveform display.
  13. Identify three ways to create a bin.
    Choose File > New Bin, press Command-B, or Control-click in the gray area of the Browser and choose New Bin.
  14. What are the keyboard shortcuts to save, hide, and quit Final
    Cut Pro?
    Press Command-S to save current changes, press Command-H to hide the application, and press Command-Q to quit the application.
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