1. How are classification and taxonomy different? What is the name of a scientist that studies taxonomy?
    taxonomy is the science of naming and classifying organisms. Classification is when you group it over organisms. The name is taxonomists.
  2. What are the two types of evidence that are used to classify organisms?
    Physical evidence and Genetic evidence
  3. Why do we classify organisms?
    To help us study the earth and to help us organize all species we discover.
  4. Who was the first person to discover the taxa system?
    Carolus Linnaeus
  5. Name the seven levels of classification system in order.
    Domain,Kingdom,Phylum,Class,Order,Family,Genus, Species.
  6. How many names are in scientific name? Which two groups in classification system do they include?
    (2 names) or sometimes 3 Genus, Species
  7. how do you write a scientific name of an animal? Show how to do it with an example.
    Gary Wolf = Canis lupus
  8. What is the difference between animals in the same genus and animals in the same species?
    Genus consists of a group of closely related species and species consists of animals that can be mate and porduce fertile offspring.
  9. The system for naming species that was developed by Linnaeus is called what?
    Binomial Nomenclature
  10. What is Dichotomous key?
    Asks a series of questions that can be answered in onyly two ways.
  11. Kingdoms are arranged into larger groups called what?
  12. What are three domains and which kingdoms are in each?
    Bacteria=Bacteria Archaea=Archaea Eukarya=Animilia,Plantae,Fungi,Protista
  13. Describe autotrophs and hetertrophs. what are plants? What are people?
    autotrophs make own foods. hetertrophs get food from other resources. Plants are autotrophs. people are hetertrophs.
  14. describe prokaryotic and eukaryotic. What kind of cells do we have? What about Bacteria?
    prokaryotic no nucleus. eukaryotic with nucleus. people are eukayotic. Bacteria are prokaryotic
  15. Name six kingdoms,
    Archaea, Bacteria, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia
  16. .22. Which of these have more groups of organisms in them: Phylum or Family? Explain.
    .22. Phylum because its more brod.
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