latin roman mythology and gods

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  1. olympian gods
    12 major gods
  2. mount olympus
    N greece mountain that looks like a throne
  3. pandora
    curiosity makes her her open the box and there are bad things that come out but hope is left
  4. midas
    king who wished to have a gold touch and turned daughter to gold
  5. daphne
    Apallo falls for this nymph and she turns into a loral tree
  6. romulus and remus
    • twins of Mars
    • fought over roman rule so one brother killed the other
  7. phiemon and baucis
    jupiter and mercury disguised as beggars and this couple were nice to them. A flood came to punish mankind but this couple survived. They wished to be together forever and then turned into trees
  8. arachne
    • weaver who boasts and minerva challenges her
    • turned into a spider
  9. daedalus and icarus
    • father and son who created wings out of wax and feathers
    • son died because he didnt listen to dad
  10. orpheus and eurydice
    couple- wife dies so husband plays lyre in underworld but he looks behind and loses her
  11. proserpina
    • kidnapped by pluto
    • ate pomegranate seeds
    • cause of seasons
  12. pyramus and thisbe
    • lovers who kill each other becaue of love
    • romeo and juliet
  13. janus
    • god of beginnings and endings
    • two faced
    • doorway
  14. jason
    sent too get the golden fleece
  15. hercules
    went through 12 labors
  16. aeneas
    • ancestor of rome
    • prince of troy
  17. theseus
    • used ball of string to kill the minator and get out of labirinth
    • dad killed himeslf because he forgot to change the sails
  18. persus
    killed medusa
  19. bellerophon
    killed chimaera with help of pegasus
  20. cerberus
    3 headed dog in underworld
  21. centaur
    half man half horse
  22. pegasus
    winged horse
  23. minotaur
    • part bull part man
    • belonged to king midas
    • kept in labirith
  24. satyr
    part man part goat
  25. nymph
    beautiful young women who live for 100yrs without getting old
  26. medusa
    • snake haired gorgan
    • turned people to stone
  27. beauty contest
    • involved venus minerva and juno
    • judged by prince of troy
    • started trojan war
  28. trojan war
    greece (achilles, agamemnon, ulysses, menelaus) vs troy (aneas, paris, hector)
  29. jupiter/jove
    • king of gods
    • rain, weather
    • lightning, thunder
  30. juno
    • god of married women
    • peacock
  31. minerva
    • god of wisdom, war strategy, domestic arts
    • owl, shield
  32. apollo
    • god of prophecy, poetry, music, healing/sickness
    • sun
  33. diana
    • god of wild animals/hunting
    • moon
  34. pluto
    king of underworld, worshiped by the dead, wealth from the earth
  35. mercury
    • god of messengers, merchants, thieves, travelers, good luck
    • wing sandals and cap
  36. proserpina
    • daughter of ceres and wife of pulto
    • associated with change of seasons
  37. neptune
    • god of sea, horses, earthquakes
    • trident
  38. vulcan
    god of craftsman god, volcanoes, makes weapons for other gods
  39. bacchus
    god of wine, saytrs
  40. vesta
    god of hearth (fireplace) symbol of home/state
  41. ceres
    god of grain, agriculture
  42. venus
    • god of love, sex, beauty
    • dove
  43. mars
    god of war, agriculture
  44. iris
    god of rainbow, colors
  45. asculapius
    god of healing and deification
  46. pan
    half man, half goat
  47. prometheus
    • giver of fire to mankind
    • bird eats liver every day
  48. tartarus
    place for punished people in the underworld
  49. elysian fields
    good part of underworld for heroes
  50. river styx
    river surounding underworld
  51. charon
    operated ferry to go across river in underworld
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