Vocab 2.2

  1. accelerate
    to speed up, increase the speed
  2. velocity
    speed or rate of motion in a quantitative sense
  3. celerity
    speed or swiftness in a qualitative or literary sense
  4. expedite
    speed up (used in terms of a process or action rather than an object)
  5. compensate
    make up for, pay, renumerate
  6. recompense
    provide compensation in the form of good or evil
  7. reimburse
    pay back money someone has spent for you
  8. indemnify
    pay or agree to pay for losses someone may suffer on your account
  9. indemnity
    sum paid/promised
  10. reparation
    pay in some way for damage one has done or caused to someone else
  11. exaggerate
    overstate, magnify, inflate
  12. adulation/blandishments/idolization/panegyric/eulogy
    spring from an exaggerated view of a person's worth
  13. grandioseness
    exaggerated sense of the bigness, importance or magnitude of a plan, dream or undertaking
  14. hyperbole
    poetic exaggeration
  15. caricature
    exaggeration of certain typical details of a face, policy or work of art, normally for amusing or satiric effect
  16. humiliate
    lower the self respect of, mortify
  17. humus
  18. exalt, vanity, conceit
    raise respect of
  19. impale
    pierce, thrust through
  20. transfix
    as if pierced
  21. jeopardize
    to endanger
  22. perpetrate
    to perform, carry out
  23. transact
    carry out in a simple, direct manner
  24. evolve
    roll out gradually, by steady improvement
  25. effect
    bring something about
  26. execute
    act upon a matter so that it is completed
  27. executive
    person, presumably possessing initiative, appointed to administer laws, business or other affairs
  28. prosecute
    follow up/through on a necessary matter, especially a legal topic
  29. maneuver
    use of indirect or underhanded means to accomplish something
  30. promulgate
    make known, spread widely
  31. propogate
    spread or promote beliefs/ideas
  32. disseminate
    spread information widely
  33. proclaim
    oral announcement with authority of a deed or discovery, often with joy
  34. bruit
    spreading a rumor quietly but insistently
  35. edict
    order, once used by royalty, now by by bureaucrats and entrepreneurs
  36. encyclical
    message from Pope (normally for Roman Catholics)
  37. pronouncement (or dictum)
    statement from an authority, usually issued following careful consideration
  38. manifesto
    formal and pretentious pronouncement for all to see
  39. resuscitate
    revive, bring back to life
  40. recuperate
    regain strength, recover from exhaustion, illness or some other debilitating thing
  41. simulate
    feign, pretend, imitate
  42. metaphor
    implied comparison
  43. mixed metaphor
    confused and rediculous metaphor due to the merging of two metaphors
  44. moron
    person of low intelligence, fool, dumber than an imbecile or idiot
  45. nonentity
    a person or thing of no importance
  46. parity
    equality, equivalence
  47. disparity
    difference, state of inequality
  48. par
    price at which something was originally sold (or legally established price)
  49. satellite
    small body revolving around a larger one; person, group or nation dependent on a larger one
  50. scroll
    ancient rolled manuscript
  51. simile
    an expressed comparison
  52. sovereign
    supreme ruler, monarch
  53. stratum
    layer or level
  54. tenacity
    unyielding firmness
  55. perseverance
    patience with tenacity
  56. persistence
    repitition or determined continuance
  57. obstinacity/pertinacity
    stubborn perseverance
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