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  1. Courvoisier's Sign
    palpable gallbladder that compresses duodenum and creates a "C" shape on CT scan
  2. Trousseau's Syndrome
    Migratory Thrombophlebitis-redness, tenderness on palpation of extremitis
  3. Triple Therapy of H Pylori
    Metronidazole, Amoxicillin, Bismuth (can add PPI)
  4. Charcot's Triad of Cholangitis:
    • Jaundice (obstructuve-conj bili)
    • Fever
    • RUQ pain-colicky pain
  5. Murphy's Sign
    Inspiratory Arrest on deep palpation into liver under the rib cage
  6. Pain for pancreatitis & pancreatic adenoCA
    epigastric radiates to the BACK
  7. Pain for cholelithiasis
    epigastric after a meal and then radiates to SHOULDER
  8. Appendicitis pain
    starts diffusely-periumbilical, and then localizes to RLQ
  9. Rotor's Syndrom
    milder Dubin-Johnson
  10. Dubin-Johnson problem
    can't excrete conjugated bilirubin with MRP2, black liver, cola colored urine
  11. Gilbert
    stress induced, can't uptake unconj. bili (OATP)
  12. Crigler-Najjar problem
    • can't conjugate unconj. bili, no UDP glucoronidation (UGT), kernicterus
    • Tx: phototherapy (makes conj bili which is water soluble)
  13. Reye's Syndrome
    • childhood Aspirin Acetominophen hepatoencephalopathy, fatty liver (microvesicular), mitochondrial abnormalities, influenza B
    • Tx: salicylate
  14. Micronodular Cirrhosis
    • Alcohol, hemochromatosis, Wilson's dz
    • (metabolic insult)
  15. Microvesicular Fatty Change
    cholestasis, pregnancy, Reyes Syndrome, drugs
  16. Macronodular Cirrhosis
    • viral hepatitis, drug-induced hepatitis
    • (liver injury-->necrosis)
  17. Macrovesicular Fatty Change
    Alcohol, obesity, some drugs, DM
  18. Viral Hep aminotransferase labs
  19. Alcoholic Hep Aminotransferase labs
  20. what does APC do to B-catenin in FAP Colorectal CA?
    APC allows more B-catenin expression=gene expression of growth promoting factors
  21. Budd-Chiari Syndrome
    • congestion of IVC or hepatic veins=congestive liver disease
    • assoc. with: polycythemia vera, pregnancy, HCC
  22. Nutmeg Liver
    backup of blood into the liver caused by Right HF and Budd-Chiari sybnd. Liver is mottled looking. can cause cardiac cirrhosis
  23. signs of portal HTN & cirrhosis
    esophageal varices, splenomegaly, caput medusae, hemorrhoids, scleral icterus, Fetor Hepaticus, Spider angiomata, palmar erythema, gynecomastia, jaundice, testicular atrophy, "flap" asterixis, bleeding tendency (dec. PPT), anermia, ankle edema
  24. 3 uses of Misoprostol
    • 1) PGE analog for protection of mucus in NSAID-induced PUD
    • 2) abortion
    • 3) maintenance of Patent Ductus Arteriosus
  25. pneumonic for type of salivary cells in main salivary glands
    "serous on the sides (parotids) and mucinous in the middle (sublingual)"
  26. WBC differential: Order of highest volume to lowest
    • "Neutrophils Like Making Everything Better"
    • Neutrophils
    • lymphocytes
    • monocytes
    • eosinophils
    • basophils
  27. Corrected Rectic count:
    =(actual Hct/45)% x (reticulocyte count) %
  28. Cromolyn Sodium treats what and how?
    treats asthma-prevents mast cell degranulation
  29. Type I Hypersensitivity: which cells
    Mast cells and Eosinophils
  30. type IV/Type III
    Immune complexes/ Ag-Ab
  31. Eosinophils fight:
    • "NAACP"
    • Neoplasm, Asthma, Allergy, Collagen Vascular Dzs, Parasites (helminth, protozoa)
  32. Platelet granule types
    • 1) alpha granules: vWF, fibrinogen
    • 2) dense granules: ADP, calcium
  33. "Dense Core Bodies"
    identify/define/describe pathologic condition
    • Carcinoid tumor, neuroendocrine tumor-->5HT
    • if outside the GI tract=carcinoid syndrome:wheezing, Rt Heart murmurs, diarrhea, flushing
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