History 1 exam

  1. Three sisters
    Squash, maize, and climbing beans. complement growth for field for native americans.
  2. Pueblo Revolt
    Pueblo people against spanish colonization of america. 1680 ) Santa fe de nuevo New Mexico. Revolt from working in mines, freedom of religion, and not work as farming slaves for the colonists benefit.
  3. Powhatan
    father of pocahantas, political and military power facing colonists. Attacked english in 1622 and 1644. richmond virginia. Chiefdom of over 30 tribes.
  4. Puritanism
    believed in punishing wrongdoers. English protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries , including english calvinists. ( English religious group that sought to purify the church of England; founded the massachusetts Bay colonyunder John Wihtrop in 1630.
  5. Roger Williams
    believed separation of church and state and religion is voluntary and any religion is acceptable.
  6. Pequot war
    1634-1638) 700s were killed, more where sold into slavery. Tribe against colonies from massachusetts bay, plymouth, and saybrook.
  7. William Penn
    Founded Pennsylvania, champion of democracy and freedom.Good relations and succesful treaties with Lenape Indians. 1644-1718 lived
  8. New Netherland
    1614 -1667 present day new york, jersey, deleware, and connecticut, (dutch colony)
  9. King Philips War
    king philip (metacomet)1675-1678, Mass, conn, rhde islnd, maine. Natives vs new england colonists. one of the bloodiest costliest wars. Colonial victory) against indians helped lead to separate government support from the old world of the british empire.
  10. Dominion Of New England
    1686-89) mne, nw hmpshr, vrmnt, mass, rhd islnd. Sir edmond andros, unpopular ruler, failed because too large of region for the dominion. ((A union of english colonies in neew england))
  11. Olaudah equino
    1745-97 African american involved in british movement towads abolition of slave trade.Influenced slave trade act 1807. bought way out of slavery. merchant,explore, author in america carribean, arctic, american colonies, and U.K
  12. Catos Rebellion
    1739 largest slave uprising, South Carolina, unfortunately promoting negro act 1740 which ordered one white per ten slaves.
  13. George Whitfield
    1714-1717 Anglican priest,spread great awakening in britain/and british n. america. founded methodism.
  14. Pontiacs Rebellion
    1763-1766 great lakes military native americans concede sovereighntybut compel british policy changes.
  15. Cahokia
    monks mound-largest prehistoric mound north of mexico. Earthwork mound, algonquian tribe, 30,000 inhabitants, present day saint louis, largest community until 1800 when new york and philly overpopulated cahokia.600-1400 ce
  16. De las Casas
    1484-1566 Spanish protector of the human rights for Indians. helped during wartime. Recruited missionaries.
  17. Indentured Servants
    17th 18th century Usually europeans worked 3-5 years to work off passage to new world from europe to America, payed in food and clothes instead of money, english and german most in penn and NY state.
  18. John Winthrop
    1587 -1649 Major founder in 1st major settlement in new england, massachusetts bay colony.
  19. Anne Hutchinson
    1591-1643 Spoke out against religious orthodoxy. Religios puritan, whose ideas differed from own faith, less power of government on religion. can maybe be considered a womens rights activist.
  20. Quakers
    (society of friends) religious group england /america, all people possesed inner light or spirit of god, abolition to slavery, womans rights. mid 17th century.
  21. Cecilius Calvert
    1605 -1675 1st proprietary governor maryland, promoted religious tolerance all religion, even though it was catholic hoped protestants/ catholics live in harmony unlike in europe.
  22. Bacons Rebellion
    unsuccessful 1676 revolt led by nate bacon against virginia gov, will berkly administration because of gov corruption and berkly failed to protect settlers from indian raids and didnt allow theme to occupy indian lands.
  23. Navigation act
    1650 -1775passed by the english parliament to control colonial trade and bolster the mercantile system, enforcement of the acts led to growing resentment by colonists.
  24. Leislers Rebellion
    1689-91 divided regime among ethnic/ and economic. Calvinist in New York,Jacob leisler afraid James the 2nd would reduce england to ropery and slavery.
  25. Seven years war
    1756-63. eurpe, africa, india, N.A. S.A, Phillipine islands, frances cession to spain of Louisiana. spain loses Florida.
  26. Ben Franklin
    1706-1796 President established library company of pennsylvania Scientist,writer, polotician, invented glass armonica.
  27. John Eduards
    pioneered emotionally intense style of preaching, around the great awakening, 1720s to 30s spread popularity of christian religion.
  28. Old Lights NEw lights
    old= traditionalists new= revivalists, promoted Whitefield in 1760sbeginning of separation of church and stat. New lights proliferated methodist baptis, presbyterian.
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