Chapter 5 Terms

  1. Inchoate offense
    offenses preparatory to committing other crimes
  2. solicitation
    the inchoate offense requesting or encouraging someone to engage in illegal conduct
  3. conspiracy
    the crime of two or more persons agreeing or planning to commit a crime
  4. first-degree murder
    the highest degree of unlawful homicide
  5. homicide
    the killing of a human being
  6. involuntary manslaughter
    the unintentional killing of another person
  7. second-degree murder
    a killing perpetrated by an act imminently dangerous to another
  8. vehicular homicide
    homicide from the unlawful and negligent operation of a motor vehicle
  9. voluntary manslaughter
    the intentional killing of a human w out malice or premeditation
  10. manslaughter
    the crime of unlawfully killing another person without malice
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Chapter 5 Terms
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