NRS 220- Ch. 24: Care of Pts w/ Cancer

  1. What is the purpose of radiation therapy?
    The purpose of radiation therapy is to destroy cancer cells with minimal exposure of normal cells.
  2. What type of treatment is radiation therapy?
    Radiation therapy is local treatment.
  3. What is radiation exposure?
    The amount of radiation delivered to a tissue.
  4. What is the radiation dose?
    The amount of radiation absorbed by the tissue.
  5. Is the dose of the radiation less than the exposure of the radiation?
    Yes, always.
  6. What three factors determine the absorbed dose of radiation?
    The intensity of the exposure, the duration of the exposure, and the closeness of radiation.
  7. What is a priority nursing intervention with regards to radiation treatment?
    Teaching patients about skin care b/c the skin becomes very dry and may break down from the radiation.
  8. What is chemotherapy?
    The treatment of cancer with chemical agents.
  9. Why is chemotherapy used?
    It is used to cure and to increase survival time.
  10. Which tumors are more sensitive to chemotherapy?
    Those that have rapid growth.
  11. What is neutropenia?
    Reduce amount of neutrophils which causes a great increase risk for infection.
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