Business 100 chapter 6 part 3

  1. leadership
    the ability to influence others
  2. authoritarian leader
    One holds all authority and responsibility, withy communication usually moving from top to bottom
  3. Laissez-faire leader
    one who gives authority to employees and allows subordinates to work as they choose with a minimum of interferance; communication flows horrizontally among group members
  4. Democratic leader
    one who holds final responsibility but also deligates authority to others, who helps to determine work assignments; communication is active upward and downward
  5. decision making
    the act of chooseing one alternative from a set of alternatives
  6. problem
    the discrepancy between an actual condition and a desired condition
  7. Total quality management
    the coordination of efforts directed at imporving customer satisfaction, increasing employee participation, strengthening supplier partnerships, and facilitating an organizational atmosphere of cotinuous quality imporvement
  8. skills requires to be a sucessful manager
    oral communication skills, written communication skills, computer skills, computer skills, critical thinking skills
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Business 100 chapter 6 part 3
Business 100 chapter 6 part 3