all bio reproduction

  1. carpel
    stigma, style, ovary
  2. stamen
    anther, filament
  3. incomplete
    lack one of four main parts
  4. imperfect
    lack stamen or carpel
  5. Female
    Gametophyte Development
    meiotic division to produce
  6. flowers methods
    • mating decoys- orchids
    • deposit sperm on bee when it lands
    • smell like dung to attract flies
    • adapt to open at night for bats
    • Long tubes for hummingbirds
    • provide nursuries
    • explosivr fruit
    • wind despersed fruit, water dispersed fruits, clingy fruits
    • Color of Ripe Fruits
  7. male gametophyte consists of:
    • tube cell-grows in the style so the sperm can travel down
    • generative cell- produces 2 sperm cells
  8. seed consists of:
    embryo- consists of embryonic root and shoot

    embryonic shoot has a cotyledon
  9. cotelydon
    • in the embryonic shoot of a seed
    • absorb food from the endosperm and transfer it to the growing embryo
  10. male gametophytes of pollen
    diploid microspore mother cells--> 4 haploid microspores --> 1 haploid gametophyte

    consits of tube cell ad generativce cell
  11. female gametophyte in ovary
    megaspore mother cell--> 4 haploid megaspores--> one survives--> mitotically makes 8 haploid nuclei--> form 7 haploid cells
  12. pollination
    • pollen tube cell grows through stype to female gametophyte-.
    • generative cell forms 2 sperm cells that travel down style through tube cell.
    • 1 sperm fertilizes egg cell --> diploid zygote that becomes embryo.
    • The other sperm fertilizes central cell producing a triploid cell that forms the endosperm of the seed
  13. spermatogenesis
    • spermatogonium- mitosis
    • promary spermatocyte- mitosis
    • secondary spermatocytes - meiosis II
    • spermatids- differentiation
    • sperm
  14. LH in males
    stimulates interstitial cells of testes to produce testosterone.

    FSH with testosterone stimulates the Sertoli cells and promotes spermatogenesis
  15. male negative feedback
    testosterone inhibits the release of GnRH, LH, FSH, which eventually limit testosterone and sperm development

    Sertoli cells stimulated by FSH and testosterone, secrete inhibin, which inhibits FSH
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