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  1. Ayaw
    Do not want/to dislike
  2. Ayaw ko/Ayoko
    I don't want to
  3. Ayoko nito
    I don't want this
  4. Ayoko ninyan/n'yan
    I don't want that
  5. Bakit ayaw mo?
    Why don't you want it/to?
  6. Bakit away mo akong kausapin?
    Why don't you want to talk to me?
  7. Bakit ayaw mong pumunta doon?
    Why don't you want to go there?
  8. Bakit ayaw mong umalis?
    Why don't you want to leave?
  9. Bakit ayaw mo akong samahan?
    Why don't you want to go with me?
  10. Talagang ayaw mo?
    You really don't want to?
  11. Ayoko ng...
    I don't want...
  12. Ayoko ng tinapay
    I don't want bread
  13. Ayoko ng kanin
    I don't want rice
  14. Ayoko ng tubig
    I don't want water
  15. Ayaw kita
    I don't like you
  16. Ayokong mag-aral
    I don't want to study
  17. Ayokong kumain
    I don't want to eat
  18. Ayokong uminom
    I don't want to drink
  19. Ayokong maglaro
    I don't want to play
  20. Ayokong mag-seks
    I don't want to have sex
  21. Ayoko sabi
    I said I don't want to
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