1. Anong gusto mo?
    What do you want?
  2. Alin ang gusto mo?
    Which do you want?
  3. Ito ang gusto ko
    This is what I want
  4. Gusto
  5. Gusto mo ba ito?
    Do you want/like this?
  6. Oo, gusta ko 'yan
    Yes, I want that/Yes, I like it
  7. Gusto kita
    I like you
  8. Hindi 'yan ang gusto ko
    I want/like this
  9. Gusto ko ng...
    I want/I like...
  10. Gusto ko ng tinapay
    I want/like bread
  11. Gusto mo ba ng...?
    Do you want/Would you like...?
  12. Gusto mo ba ng tsa?
    Do you want some tea/Do you like tea/Would you like some tea?
  13. Anong gusto mong gawin?
    What would you like to do/What do you want to do?
  14. Gusto kong lumbas
    I'd like to go out
  15. Anong gusto mong kainin?
    Would you like to eat/What do you want to eat?
  16. Gusto kong kumain ng hamburger
    I'd like to eat a hamburger/I want to eat a hamburger
  17. Anong gusto mong inumin?
    What would you like to drink/What do you want to drink?
  18. Gusto kong uminom ng tubig
    I'd like to drink water/I want to drink water
  19. Anong gusto mong panoorin?
    What would you like to watch/What do you want to watch?
  20. Gusto kong manood ng laro
    I'd like to watch a game/I want to watch a game
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