pharm final 1

  1. neuromuscular blockin drugs & principles for use
    paralysis of skeletal muscles, used for trachs
  2. Succinylcholine
    NMBD, quick onset, used for trachs
  3. Ace Inhibitor, example of one
    prevent sodium and water resorption,decrease the work of the heart, Lisinopril
  4. Reversal of drug Succinylcholine (Acectine)
  5. Phenytoin (Dilantin) & therapeutic levels
    used for seizures,cery irritating to veins, 10-20mcg/mL
  6. Cardiac Glycosides & labs
    Digoxin, used for heart failure, levels 0.5-2,
  7. Digoxin toxicity
    Hyperkalemia-potassium levels greater then 5, give Digibind
  8. Beta Blockers & MI
    (olol) drugs, decrease heart rate, after MI they block the effects of catecholamines which improve survival after an MI
  9. Antidote for Warfarin
    vit K, green leafy vegetables
  10. Statin effects and length of results
    reduces cholesterol in blood,
  11. Hypokalemia s/s
    muscle cramps, dysrrythmia, lethargy, n/v
  12. Anticholenergic medication preoperatively
    given to reduce secretions (drying effect)
  13. Amphotericin B nursing considerations
    monitor vitals, weekly weight, hypokalemia
  14. MAOIs & drinking
    drinks with tyramine leads to hypertensive crisis, stroke, coma, death
  15. sodium bicarbonate se
    seizures, irritability, cardiac arrest, & metabolic alkalosis
  16. Comtan and drug effects
    used for parkinsons, adjunct to levadopa
  17. parental drug administration what do you do
    monitor glucose
  18. phenobarbital SE and drug interactions
    decreases motor activity, drowsiness, MAOIs
  19. Imitrex and pt education
    pt to avoid food with tyramine (anything aged)
  20. Tagamet & drug interactions
    inhibits gastric acid secretions, warfarin,phenytoin(Dilantin)
  21. Retin A
    treat acne
  22. Oral Digoxin antidote
  23. NSAIDs, misoprostol & arthritis treatment
    NSAIDs for inflammatory, can cause ulcers if taken long time, misoprostol given to prevent ulcers
  24. DTaP series
    diptheria, tetnus, & pertussis immunizations
  25. Interferons nursing considerations
    given for viral infections, monitor kidneys, liver, mental status, cardiac status
  26. TPN side effect
    elevated blood glucose
  27. cyclosporine education
    take same time each day
  28. Cardiac Glycosides & labs
    used for heart failure, 0.5-2
  29. Cholesterol level & medication initiation
    120-140, give Simvastatin
  30. Dobutamine & heart failure
    helps cardiac output, speeds up your heart
  31. Beta Blocker & pt teaching
    reduces blood pressure & heart rate, dont stop abruptly
  32. Anticholenergic medication preoperatively
    given to reduce secretions
  33. Atropine Sulfate & STAT orders, why are we giving it?
    increase heart rate, bronchodilation
  34. SE of Levothyroxine
  35. MOA of Levothyroxine
    increases O2 consumption
  36. when to dose thyroid replacement med
    30min-1hour before breakfast
  37. teratment of hypoglycemia
    quick carbs, then protein
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